Is there a word for the feeling of when you point at that particular point on the map and feel a sudden gush of emotions that run right from your stomach and throbbing out from your heart? An emotion more intense than homesickness and still much subtle.

As if a reckoning, a sense of belonging-not form people or a home you lived in, but from the random streets you used to pass by, from the familiar warmth in the foreign air, from the common memory of a random deli you share with a stranger. A pinch of surprise on missing something you actually never held that dear or were unaware would matter that much someday, and a bit of sorrow for losing out on the chance to be in the presence-just be there for no good reason(like old times!)

It feels as if, on a cold winter morning, someone suddenly snatched away my cozy blanket-a warmth which is readily rekindled when seeing that broad smile drawn on a familiar face. So next time when I see this face, no matter on a screen or in front of me, I make sure to smile a bit wider, love a bit harder and never miss a chance to tell them that I do! I think this is my own way of painting a colorful picture of happiness (that once was). A picture I can carry along to hang it on the empty walls of my home away from home.