Even More Things To Do For Fun Around Delaware Beach
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What Is There To Do For Fun Around Here? — Delaware Beach Edition, Part 2

Your guide to curing summer boredom on the Delaware Coast.

What Is There To Do For Fun Around Here? — Delaware Beach Edition, Part 2

Last summer when I was thinking of fun things for my friends and me to do, all I could think of was going to the beach, though that's far from the only options on the coast. What makes this guide even better is that attending most events are free or cost $25 or less.

1. Go wine tasting at Nassau Vineyards

This is Delaware's single vineyard. Tasting is only $7 per person from Tuesdays to Sundays. Plus, you get to keep the tasting glass! Though, I'd suggest visiting the vineyard on Sundays from 12-3 because this is when they have their farmers market with live music. They even have a full sangria bar, which is amazing since, at other farmers markets in the area, no drinking is allowed.

2. Visit a farmers market.

Speaking of Farmers Markets, you could attend one almost every day of the week if you wanted to. Fresh produce is always available, no matter where you live. Not only is it a fun time hearing live music, but free samples, supporting local farmers, and finding some incredible food and skincare options is an event in itself. My favorite find was a loaf of rainbow bread from Old World Breads at the Lewes Farmers Market years ago. It made every sandwich I had that week that much better. Here's a list of the local markets by the coast.

Saturdays: Lewes Farmers Market at George H.P Smith Park 8am-12pm

Sundays: Bethany Beach Farmers Market Downtown 8am-12pm; Nassau Vineyards 12pm-3pm

Tuesdays: Rehoboth Beach Farmer's Market at Grove Park 11am-3pm

Wednesdays: Lewes Farmers Market at Crooked Hammock 8am-11am; Bethany Beach Farmers Market at Sea Colony 8am-12pm

Fridays: Fenwick Island Farmers Market at Warren's Station Family Restaurant 8am-12pm; Milton Farmers Market 3pm-6pm

3. See a show at a local theatre.

The Milton theatre right downtown has a variety of events. Last summer I attended one of their Rocky Horror Picture Show sing-along nights and wow, that was such a fun time. This past weekend they hosted a Grease dress-up film-screening night. They have drag queens like Magnolia Applebottom come and perform, and show retro films like 'The Shining 'or current kid-friendly ones like 'Inside Out'. The Clear Space Theatre in Rehoboth is in the perfect location to have dinner and drinks at an amazing restaurant down Baltimore Avenue and head to a show. Their summer 2019 lineup includes: 'Mama Mia', 'Hello, Dolly!', and 'The Wedding Singer'.

4. Yoga at Lewes Canal Front Park.

Every Sunday throughout the summer, there is free yoga in the park from 8-9 am. If you're looking for a free healthy event, this can be your weekly go-to. Did I mention that this was free? Just bring some water and your mat or a towel.

5. Paddleboarding.

If you own a paddleboard, lucky you. Though, if you've never tried it before, it's worth getting a guided tour in the bay or various canals. Delmarva Board Sport Adventures host a variety of excursions including a paddleboard yoga class, nighttime LED-lit boards in the bay, a sunset tour, and an even better sunset tour with dolphins! There are many companies around here that will schedule a group tour and bring all equipment to you at a verified location. Be warned, it seems easy, but it takes a lot of arm and ab strength to stay straight in the water.

6. Free movie nights on the beach.

In Bethany, each Monday night they show a family-friendly movie. There's also a movie night in Dewey on Mondays too on Dagsworthy Ave. Both locations start at dusk.

7. Free bonfire night on the beach.

Every Wednesday night off Dagsworthy Ave in Dewey, there are free bonfire nights. The town hosts the bonfire, but unfortunately does not provide the s'mores.

8.Attend the Lewes garden tour.

It's always so cool seeing someone's home. Each one is decorated so differently. When it comes to gardens and backyards, most of these are hidden away by a fence and the public never gets to admire all the hard work. The 29th annual Lewes Garden Tour on June 15th from 10am-4pm changes that. There is a committee that picks the city's 9 best gardens. There's free transportation, a garden market, and lunch provided by Full Belly Bistro. Tickets are only $20 right now. What's better than a Saturday where you get to dress all posh, bring your own wine, and tour gorgeous gardens with the locals?

9. Beach all day.

Each beach has its own vibe, accessibility level, and bathroom availability-ness.

The Lewes State Park is great, but since it's so close to the woods, there are horse flies that may make your time there miserable. The jetty is filled with highschoolers and jetty rats. The bathhouse beach is primarily kids and field-trip goers. Personally, my favorite beach is Tower Road and everything south. It's a short walk to Dewey, has a bathhouse, and if you have a state park pass for the summer, you can go there as often as you'd like. I love Dewey too. It always has such a fun party feel and they have snack shacks and ice water golf carts that ride the beach. It's very hard to find parking though and if you find a spot, parking per day can be $10 or more.

10. Ride the ferry or go on a canal tour.

The Lewes to Cape May ferry runs every day. You could take it in the morning and spend all day in Cape May walking around and admiring the Victorian houses or drive up to Wildwood and visit their boardwalk...it's essentially a New Jersey version of Ocean City, MD. If you wanted a different experience, one closer to home, look no farther than a pirate-themed mini-cruise from Pirates of Lewes. If that sounds like a horrible idea and you don't have kids, why not go on one of Cape Water Taxi's special tours? Their one named 'Spooky Lighthouse Tour' grabbed my attention immediately, but they also have ones like a full moon cruise, an evening Broadkill river ride, or a Sunday Funday ride where the taxi anchors in the water and people can go out for a swim. The possibilities are endless. Tickets are around $22 for adults.

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