Money Is Temporary, But Gratification Is Forever
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Money Is Temporary, But Gratification Is Forever

Simply being appreciated for what you can do for someone is the ultimate paycheck.

Money Is Temporary, But Gratification Is Forever
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It can be said by many that the most gratifying feeling that someone can have is busting their butt at their job in order to put a roof over their head, clothes on their kids' backs, and food in their kids' mouths. That is indeed a selfless act, but one done for just the money in some circumstances. In almost any job, you are performing selfless acts in order to help out others, which is called customer service. But, it seems like the days of community service as a priority are almost gone.

Whatever happened to "helping thy neighbor"? Since when did we start making decisions based on if we were getting paid or not?

There were days where people were reaching out to help their neighbors during trying times, the holidays, or any time without the expectation of being paid. People helped their neighbors. They were there for each other. They built a sense of community first and foremost. In today's world, it does not seem like many people will do anything anymore without having to obtain an incentive from it.

Overall, we have a tough time realizing that the rewards we get from community service and any selfless task we can do for our neighbors are that of a grand scale. We gain self-worth, self-esteem, accomplishment, a warm and fuzzy feeling, pride, and most of all, a great feeling in our hearts by making someone feel better about their day.

Personally, I am fortunate enough to have grown up around friends, grandmas, my mom, and others who take the time to randomly help strangers and friends alike who are in need. Recently, my mom and her friend reached out to a 90-year-old woman who was being threatened with being thrown out of her home by her city officials.

Despite being complete strangers, my mom and her friend cleaned both floors of the house, which were crammed with so many years of belongings, grime, and messiness that it was difficult to navigate. While it was a majorly rushed task, my mom and her friend were able to save this woman's house just in time for inspections. It did cost them quite a bit in terms of cleaning supplies and such, but it was more than well worth it in order to make this woman's holiday a wonderful one.

My mom and her friend reported to me how much better their holiday had become now because of how good they made this woman feel. Even though I was not able to be there for this act of service, I have been lucky enough to help out my mom several times in acts such as grocery shopping and giving rides to those in need.

It does not matter what you do to reach out to someone. Something as simple as offering to help walk them across an icy street can really help them out and brighten their day. Offer them to shovel their driveway, mow their lawn, or rake their leaves for them if they cannot do it themselves. See if they want your help in picking them up a gallon of milk or something to eat. Reach out to anyone with a disability who needs that nudge in a certain area. I promise you, the rewards that your heart will feel will highly outweigh any rewards money can give you.

Yes, it may cost you some, or a lot of money sometimes, to help someone out, but you are paying it forward. Hopefully, you know there are people who would do the same for you if you were having a difficult time.

Just as you give a little to accomplish your personal goals, you really only need to do so little to give so much back. It comes down to forging some valuable friendships by the deeds you do for someone. Reaching out to someone gives you such a reward in your heart, and makes their life a little easier and less lonely.

Remember that this is not just a holiday event. Anytime, whether it be rain or shine, there is always someone out there who could use some help. The pride you feel, and the warmth they feel from you, is endless. The feeling you have in your heart from any little thing you can do for someone else will always be greater than anything that money can pay for.

Take the time to not only help, accept no money, and have a nice glass of lemonade, a plate of cookies, or even just a nice life story. I promise you that your soul will be replenished and your heart will be rewarded. Money is temporary, but gratitude and gratification is forever.

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