Money may be Essential, but Harrasment Is Not
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Money may be Essential, but Harrasment Is Not

How I worked for three days for one company

Money may be Essential, but Harrasment Is Not

I worked at a pharmaceutical chain this week for three days. Those were the only days I will ever work there. I didn’t flake out of my job for no good reason. I noticed certain signs since I was interviewed and I tell my story.

I am a senior in high school who is about to go to college and needs funds for collegiate items such as textbooks and dormitory essentials. I was informed about this position through a quick stop at the same location. I was looking for employment so I figured this could be another opportunity to get a job.

I did get the job, but first I went through the most uncomfortable interview of my life. I was going to be interviewed by my assistant manager(for purposes of anonymity we are going to call Joe). Joe told me through the phone to be there “definitely 10 minutes early”. He showed up 20 minutes late, which was fine because life gets in the way. He told me he was held up because he was waiting for a mattress delivery. Again, I understood that life gets in the way. He took me to the back of the store, where we sat on step stools. I found out later there was an office where I didn’t have to sit on such a ridiculous object. I’ve been interviewed before, and this interview was definitely strange compared to others.

He introduced himself, gave a disclosure that he may “get sweaty” even though the room was a tad chilly. I thought that was fine; I didn’t frankly care to be honest. Joe then proceeded to make the interview mostly about himself, including how he just moved from Las Vegas(now things seem to be adding up weird. How can he be sweaty in a colder room when he moved from a hot temperature?). I noted everything, because Joe was giving me weird vibes.

After I found out I got the job, the first shift I worked with Joe crossed a line where I was completely uncomfortable. After the main manager left for a few hours, Joe showed off his new Apple Watch he got for his birthday. There were so many “cool functions” like the watch connecting to Joe’s iPhone camera. He modeled the function by first panning the store, then turning the phone to me. He said look at the camera, but when I was too slow, he demanded the action a little more forcefully. I was not sure if he actually took a picture because before I had time to react, a customer showed up needing assistance. Joe sprinted to this customer and solely to this customer all night he also boasted his new watch loudly enough for me to hear, as if to convince me he has been doing this habitually.

I quit the next day and reported Joe.

Joe as a manager is supposed to have authority over me; however, he went way too far with his actions. A manager is supposed to have a professional relationship with the lower-tier employee, not try to take advantage of them. I could tell Joe was coaxing me to develop more than a regular manager-employee. Joe spoke to me softly, until he did not get what he wanted. If he tries to take pictures of me the second day I worked what will week two bring?

I write this as a warning to other women. I know money is vital for life functions, but you must realize NO ONE should take advantage of you. If you ever come across a situation like this, please do everything you can to get yourself out the situation. You can speak to human resources if quitting is not an option. You deserve the best.

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