Last week, I was flipping through TV channels when I came across a few reruns of my all-time favorite show: "Avatar: The Last Airbender." And recently, Netflix announced they would be creating a live-action Avatar series. While I'm still traumatized by the horrific live-action movie that was created years back, I'm still ready to give Netflix a chance.

No show could possible replace "Avatar" as my most favorite show ever. Even as a 17-year old, I still love the show all the same. I laugh at all the same scenes that I used to laugh at when I was a child. I cry at all the same scenes that I used to cry at when I was a child. The show taught me so many life-lessons, and at times, I felt as if I too were going on all the adventures the gang encountered.

Words can't describe how much Avatar meant to me during my childhood. Every week, I would gleefully hop on my sofa, excited for the new episode to premiere. For three long years, I shipped Katara and Aang, preached Toph's no-BS policy and teared up at Sokka's never-ending boughs of humor. We can never forget the beautiful love-hate friendship between Momo and Appa.

Even infinity isn't nearly enough to cover every amazingly heartbreaking and every funny aspect of this beautiful show, but I brought it down to 13 moments from the show we should never forget.

1. This poor man's cabbages

2. Sokka  high on cactus juice

3. When Aang decides to be a normal kid and go to school — in the fire nation...

4. Toph made a better Fire (sorry — Melon) Lord than Ozai.

5. Katara showed us that we don't have to forgive or forget to face our past.

6. That day Iroh taught us that it's okay to not be okay. 

7. Sokka and his one-man army

8. Aang's magic trying to get the trio out of bad situations. 

9. "Go to your room." (If you didn't read that in Sokka's voice, you're not a true fan.)

10. When Aang revealed that killing is not always the answer. 

11. The time Sokka was expecting.... someone else.

12. That one time Appa started talking (because Aang was too sleep deprived). 

13. The moment that ended the Fire Nation's 100 years worth of tyranny and fear — forever.