Hifz Struggles

Memorizing the Quran is a lifelong journey, so it isn't surprising that most of us deal with some of the same struggles. However, it is important to realize that every struggle is worth it because it's rewarded. Those times when you feel like you can't do it, know that you can. Allah (SWT) chose you specifically to memorize, preserve, and guard his words and you should understand what an honor that is. God willingly, in the end, your life in this world and the hereafter will fill up with light as well as blessings upon blessings.

Time flies by

Hold up. Is that really the time?!


You're revising or memorizing the Quran and you're in the zone. That means you're sitting down, closing your eyes and getting carried away by your recitation. After about what feels like a few minutes, you open your eyes, take a deep breath and realize that an hour has already gone.

Being moved

Yes, some people do ugly cry, but there's a certain undeniable beauty in that.


Maybe it's a story about righteous people-the punishment for sins we take lightly, or maybe it's Allah's (SWT) beautiful and perfect response to a question or criticism or his description of Jannah. Sometimes you'll even be blessed and read an ayah that is mentioning exactly what you are going through or something that you needed to hear. Regardless, you can't help but shed a few tears.

Feeling accomplished

WHOOOO me?! Did I finish that much?


Many people underestimate the blessings that Allah SWT puts in the memory of a hifz student. If you think about it, it's next to impossible to memorize a whole book written in English, and yet Allah SWT allows you to memorize his book in Arabic!

It's moments when we're holding all the pages that we've memorized in our hands and internalizing the fact that Allah SWT allowed for each one of his words to be in our brain, that real gratitude surges.

Feeling drained

Annnnnnddd one kitty down.


Sometimes if you end up doing your hifz late or for a long period of time, the last thing you want to do is stay up. Your brain just wants to take time to soak up the Quran you memorized while you take a little nap.

The need for sugar

Is this just me?


You know that feeling after you memorize that makes you feel like you deserve a cookie? Or maybe it comes from reciting really loudly and feeling drained. Regardless, after a long period of revision or memorization, you need fuel and adequate brain juice.

The knot in your throat

Sometimes giving your lesson can go like that


It's not because you don't want to memorize, it's more of a frustration. Sometimes after taking so long on memorization or revision, when you actually end up giving your lesson your voice starts to tremble.

A hard knot forms in the back of your throat, making it hard to swallow. Your brain goes blank. You keep on making mistakes that you haven't made before. We've all been there. Make sure to recite salawat and to drop whatever else is on your mind. You can do it inshallah!


I know I haven't memorized that before...


Ever feel so confident in a juz or a surah that you don't go back and revise it as often. Yeah... not a great idea. You will end up going back to it not even sure if you even memorized it in the first place.

Taking a vacation

It's what we call an oops moment.


Do you ever just get lazy and decide not to revise? Maybe you're on vacation and you completely forgot. Chances are that you'll come back looking like the guy in the meme.

Waking up with stronger memorization

You wake up a with a stronger brain media3.giphy.com

For some reason whatever you memorize that day will always be weak. But as soon as you sleep on it and wake up it's like your memorization was perfection. It's an amazing phenomenon!!

Loving your teacher

Sometimes that becomes everyday. media3.giphy.com

Sometimes you get hit with the relization that Allah swt in his infinite wisdom has blessed with you with the best teacher ever. The fact that you are annoyed and frustrated with yourself and she or he isn't is a miracle of its own.

Loving what you do

Spoiler alert: the stick man is still alive.


Somewhere along your journey, there will come a time where you really have to push yourself. To be honest, it's a test from Allah swt to see if you really want it and if you really deserve it. In the face of these obstacles, you have to really pry open your heart and allow the trust, love, and light of Allah swt pour in. Let it take up every little corner and crevice in your heart. Let it wash away all your sins. Let it be heavy with love for your creator so that it may humble you down to sujood (prostration). Hifz is just the first step to understanding the Quran. If you truly want to get there then put the effort and remember that Allah swt is the all-seeing and all-aware.

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