In every friend group, each person has a role. Depending on personalities, your friends could be very unique, or your own kind of normal. One friend could be the drunk friend. Another friend could be the crazy friend. One friend could be the smart friend. Another friend could be the silly friend; it's not hard to figure that one out. But it's alright, your friend group is perfect in its own way.

However, most friend groups have a specific type of friend. This friend is special in every single way. She acts older than her age. She is very caring, and she tends to do daily check-ups on her other friends. She likes to stay in more than she likes to go out. This friend is the mom friend. Every friend group has one.

Can you relate? Are you the mom friend of your girlfriends?

Here are 10 obvious signs that you are the mom friend, and you are not ashamed at all.

1. You love to stay in.

Your weekends consist of Netflix and junk food, chilling in bed. That is your favorite hobby; doing absolutely nothing. You don't care. You're in your bag and you're happy.

2. You're probably the leader of your group chat.

You send the most messages out to your girls. You love conversation and you're bored without it. You always want to know what's going on, while you're still laying down in your comfy pants.

3. You are the designated driver.

Whenever your friends want to go out, you choose to be the DD. This means you sip on some water while your girls get hammered. That's okay, no one is judging you. You get them home safe, and that's why they love to have you as their "mom."

4. You make those Mom comments.

Not like the "go to your room" comments. The comments where you get stern and say, "Get some sleep now. You have school in the morning!" Grown adults, and you still say those things.

5. You are an early riser and an early snoozer.

You love starting your day earlier in the morning, and it feels so good to you to actually go to bed before midnight. You care way too much about your sleep schedule. Your friends don't understand why, as they stay up until the sun comes up, right before they crash.

6. You are the best caregiver.

Whenever your friends need you, you are there. When they're sick, you tend to take care of them. You can't say no as you feed them chicken noodle soup and ginger ale as they recover from that hangover. Even if it's something as little as a cold, you're there with the cough drops.

7. You always send the text that asks, "Did you get home safe?"

You're the safety net. You make sure everyone gets home safe and you have no shame in that.

8. You hate spending money, and you love being cheap.

You are the friend that usually stays behind, or you starve yourself, basically because you hate spending your cash. You're a little *cheap cheap*. You shop the generics and you always do your research for discounts and stuff like that.

9. You snap when your friends make stupid decisions.

One friend just drank too much until she threw up. How dare she? Another friend got with that boy you know is no good for her. Your Mom voice comes out and you straighten that s**t out real quick.

10. If your friends aren't feeling that happy, you're there to cheer them up.

You're there in a heartbeat with tissues and a shoulder to cry on. Almost always, an ice cream and Netflix date is in store. You do anything in your power to make them feel better.

So, is this all true? To me, it is because I am the Mom friend in my friend group. Are you?