Ah yes, I love my generation, the generation we call "generation z," or the slightly older ones we call "millennials." These generations are the lucky set of people that got introduced to something that our parents, unfortunately, didn't have, which is dating apps.

My parents were stuck with doing something that to a few people might think to be cringe-worthy, which was if you had the "hots" for someone, you would have to… GO UP AND TALK TO THEM IN PERSON or *cue dramatic music* CALL THEM. This then led to more meaningful conversations, increased compatibility towards one another, and BOOM dating. Some of us reading this might think 'LOL how do you even do that?' and that right there is the problem with modern dating.

Our generation gets pretty deep with each other. (Sarcasm, so much sarcasm.) We get on Tinder as if we're going to find our companion for life through a system revealing single people near you basing people off not their personalities, but solely their appearance. You give them a swipe left if it's a big ole no, swipe right if you'd probably give them a second glance in public, and then swipe up for a "you're super attractive please message me."

Then if you "match" with someone you usually get pick-up lines such as "Drake told me you were part of God's Plan," "Are you a bank loan because you have my interest?" or my personal favorite, "beautiful boobies."

Oh yeah, riveting topics go back and forth through dating apps. Our parents had actual interaction with each other, less heart eye and eggplant emoji's, and more interesting dates that were outside a bar setting. (& bedroom setting.)

Our parents got to actually…know each other.

Another reasoning behind why dating is different now is because I think our generation's mindset is more driven towards our career and getting through college first before even thinking about getting married or starting a family. (We all eat cold pizza and Taco Bell at 3 am, there's no way we could care for a child right now.)

There are a couple out there that are currently in long-term relationships or even married at my age, and that's awesome. I don't know how you did it but GO you. I'm not bashing those people in any way or Tinder because everyone is different and some people actually can form relationships from dating apps.

It's just on a rare or lucky occasion.

I will admit, dating apps have made it is easier to meet people now, but getting to know someone has become harder. Our generation creates "relationships" through phone screens, and texts that read "u up?" at 2:34 a.m. Personal face-to-face interactions are decreasing all the time, and people are starting to just get lazy.

So, the next time you come home for a holiday or speak to your parents on the phone, and they interrogate you about your love life as if you're trying so hard to be single, show them this.