Being a "Type A" perfectionist is not an easy life. People think you're lazy and weird. Group projects tend to be a nightmare. And passion projects are next to impossible.

Here are the top five signs and struggles of leading your life as a perfectionist.

1. You’re the BIGGEST procrastinator.

Why? Because you know how much effort and stress goes into doing anything. Being a perfectionist is exhausting, and it makes you dread doing just about everything… even the things you genuinely enjoy doing, which stalls all of your creative projects. You've been called "lazy", but really you're just a procrastinating perfectionist who fears the stressful toll that one assignment can take on you.

2. Sometimes you lose all of your creativity because you’re too caught up in the details and perfection.

My advice, from one perfectionist to another? You just have to tell yourself to let go. You can go back and fix all the mistakes later. Usually, once I’ve convinced my consciousness of that, I’m good to go. But it’s definitely a battle to get there.

3. Everyone wants to work with you on school assignments, and that’s literally the bane of your educational existence.

When the teacher says “group work”, you cringe and die a little inside. Group work means you’re probably doing ALL of the work… which, on the one hand, you don’t mind because you want it done right, but that’s also ridiculously tiring and frustrating.

4. Indecisiveness is an unfortunate, yet inevitable, symptom.

Making big decisions is like pulling out your own teeth because you’re extremely observant and want everything to be pristine. This applies to everything… clothes, décor, tattoos, and even picking out plants. You're constantly afraid that you're going to make the wrong decision.

5. Once you start an assignment, you get obsessive about it.

Every little detail is scrutinized and analyzed endlessly... which is probably why you procrastinate so much.