Let Us Be A Queen, Too: Miss College COTR

Let Us Be A Queen, Too: Miss College COTR

I know we're in college now, but can't we have one last chance at our favorite part of Christmas in Demopolis?

So, I grew up in a small town called Demopolis, AL. Many of you that will see this have probably never heard of it, but few of you have. For those of you that do not know of this small southern town, it hosts a festival-type event every year to celebrate Christmas, the holiday that gets celebrated for months in the south.

This event, called Christmas on the River, begins in October, when most are thinking of pumpkins and Halloween costumes, with a series of beauty pageants ranging from Little Miss COTR, all the way to the coveted Miss COTR that every girl dreams of becoming one day. The event then lingers on through November, consisting of plentiful behind-the-scenes work in preparation for the events themselves. I was lucky enough to help with the numerous float building projects and organizing aspects of this wonderful event, due to the fact that my mom was chairman of the day parade for many years. The events begin in December, with the celebration of the special child and the announcement of St. Nick, a reading of The Christmas Story and the lighting of the downtown park with a visit from Santa himself, and then Christmas in the Canebrake, candlelit tours of historical homes, Canebrake children's plays, the Alabama State BBQ Cook-Off, Fair in the Square arts and crafts show, a day parade, and a nautical night parade with a fireworks show and semi-formal Gala on the Tombigbee River. The queens and their courts chosen in the pageants play a special role in all of these events, a true honor to anyone that receives it.

However, my Christmas wish is that the Chamber of Commerce will consider adding a Miss College COTR. I myself was chosen as Little Miss COTR many years ago, and it was an experience I will never forget. What I'm asking for is a last chance for all those girls that have graduated high school and gone off to college, to participate, once again, in the best part about growing up in Demopolis, AL. I would like for a college version of Miss COTR to be created for girls freshman-seniors in college. Why not add a new tradition to the many we already love? So, to put a smile on all of our stressed out, college student faces, let us have this chance to reminisce.

So, ladies, let's grab our gowns and heels, do our hair and makeup while listening to some Christmas tunes and be queens one last time.

Cover Image Credit: Sydney Moore

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10 Things I Learned From My Grandma

Little nuggets of wisdom I was fortunate enough to receive from my grandma before she passed away.

My Grandma just recently passed away after a hard battle with cancer. When reflecting on her death, I want to remember the good things rather than the bad, and so I compiled a list of all the things she taught me that I never want to forget. Some aren’t as important as others, but all are meaningful because I’m so lucky she was able to pass a little bit of wisdom onto me.

1. Blowing bubbles into your Arnold Palmer is the best way to mix it

It’s effective and fun!

2. Cooking isn’t just about making food

It’s about serving others. It’s about making people feel welcome in your home and letting people know how much you love them by making something so essential to life (and that tastes really good)

3. Christmas isn’t Christmas without making and decorating Christmas cookies

Sour cream sugar cookies are the best for decorating

4. Love yourself no matter what size you are

I’ve always struggled with my weight, but the way my grandma complimented me and told me how beautiful I was helped me to realize that what society views as beautiful now was not necessarily what was considered beautiful ten, twenty, thirty years ago, so why should you care? It’s what’s on the inside that makes you beautiful.

5. Never wear brown and black together

Unless you’re color blind.

6. Going to college doesn’t define you

She skipped out on college and instead went to beauty school to become a hairdresser, and in lots of ways, touched more people’s lives than she could have going to school for a career in something way more boring.

7. Your hair is an incredibly important way to express yourself

Dyeing it, cutting it, and styling it is important to express your personality but also to keep people guessing as to your age

8. The secret ingredient for the best mashed potatoes is sour cream

Instead of milk. Try it!

9. Keep greeting cards for every occasion

Hallmark makes them, so why not use them? A card for a holiday is important, but cards just because you are thinking of someone show your love and care, even if you are far apart

10. Being kind to others is the best way to be kind to yourself

If you have a negative attitude about others, you’ll have a negative attitude about yourself. Treat everyone as an individual instead of generalizing and stereotyping, and you’ll begin to see yourself as an individual and love yourself because you are different, not in spite of that.

Cover Image Credit: Sabrina Ruff

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19 Thoughts All Plus Size Girls Have While Shopping At H&M

There's no way this is a large.

Anyone larger than a size 10 knows the struggle. Shopping for clothes is so hard when your body doesn't fit the standard sizing charts. Designers don't take into account the extra curves and bumps we have, and it can be a huge knock to the self-esteem.

Recently, I found myself in an H&M browsing the racks. This is not a frequent event for me. When I was younger--and about 50lbs lighter--I was at the mall every weekend shopping for new outfits. I loved fashion, and I loved the way cute clothes made me feel confident and beautiful.

The experience is much less enjoyable when the trendy shops you used to go to don't carry your size. It's even more awful when, in some places, you have to pay extra for bigger sizes (looking at you, Forever21). It sucks, even more, when you realize a lot of these stores actually size down. In short, I hate shopping nowadays. But, to make the trip a little more enjoyable, I decided to turn it into an article.

So, without further ado, here are 19 thoughts all "Plus-Size" girls can relate to when shopping for clothes!

1. These mannequins are literally all SO THIN.

2. Ooh, this outfit is adorable!

3. Oh, look, all smalls.

4. OMG a large? Maybe I can make this work...

5. *Squeezing into a large sweater* I mean, it might get stretched out in the wash? Maybe?

6. Maybe I should finally start that diet...

7. Okay, but there's no way this is a large.

8. Maybe the skirt will work?

9. *Bending over in the skirt* Yikes, nope, the skirt definitely does not work.

10. Okay, it's fine, maybe they'll have some jeans.

11. Why are jeans so expensive??

12. What even ARE these sizes?

13. Okay, okay, it's fine. Let's just grab the biggest size they have and give it a shot.

14. Oh, come on, I can't even get them over my thighs?

15. Forget it, let's just get leggings.

16. I wonder how long it'll take to rip these.

17. I mean, at least the accessories still fit me, right?

18. Okay, that's it, I'm going to the gym after this.

19. Why do I even bother shopping for clothes anymore?

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia

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