Misadventure: A Haiku Collection
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Misadventure: A Haiku Collection

Original poems by Lovely Haiku

Misadventure:  A Haiku Collection
Lovely Haiku
A collection of love, lust, and loss by Lovely Haiku.

1. Midnight regrets

Regretting unspoken words

And untouched lips.

Do you think of me at night?

2. Tidal Waves

We always find our way

Back to each other

Turning tides

3. The Other Side

I just miss you

All the time

Semper Fi

4. Tracing Me

A soft trace

Down my spine


5. Lust

The rush of your body

The heat of your skin


6. Come Alive

A fire is ready to burn inside of me

I beg of you, please, light it.

The flames engulf every inch of me.

7. Big Girls Don't Cry, Right?

And so I dry my eyes

Again, on another lonely night

Your hearts 1600 miles away

8. Asphyxiation

You have always been my clean air

Don't take away my oxygen

I will only suffocate

9. When You Left Me

When you left

I lost more than just you.


10. The Hero's Hurricane

Tearing into my flesh

To let the demons escape

Hail Storm

11. Casual

You say nothing has to change

And, yet, nothing will ever be the same.

I wanted your heart, not your knife in mine.

12. She is More

They thought, surely, she would fall apart

but, yet, she endured.

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13. Ecdysis

Any trace of your touch

Rid from my skin

Phoenix rising

14. Untitled

And in the ashes,

I discovered my wings.


15. Coy

New faces and new places.

My heart begins to bloom,

and love, anew.

For more haiku by Lovely Haiku, check out their blog.

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