Committing To A Minimalistic Life
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Student Life

Committing To A Minimalistic Life

Minimalism: What it is and why you should consider it.

Committing To A Minimalistic Life
Steve Johnson

Minimalism is a life style to some. It often consists of downsizing your stuff, from pictures on Instagram to your clothes in your closet. It is a trend that has recently come up and is prevalent in the vegan community as well as among YouTubers. I think we should all at least consider adapting parts of this life style into our own.

A personal preference of mine is not being showered with gifts. From my family, to significant other, or just friends, I hate receiving gifts. I appreciate a key chain that has thought behind it more than a bunch of candy or useless things. The thought really does count and adds value to the item. Also, another problem with receiving a bunch of gifts is that you take them for granted. It just makes things worthwhile and adds sentimental value. Plus, if you get dumped, less things to burn, am I right?

Another common characteristic of a minimalistic lifestyle is downsizing your wardrobe. I think this is important too, because we all have this clothing that sits in the back of the closet never to be worn. We all have our favorite articles of clothing that we wear on a weekly basis and normally don't wear anything other than these. So why should we keep the clothes we don't need? You can always donate extra clothes which makes it a win-win situation, you get rid of things you don't need while someone else gets what they have been needing. Another positive thing you can see is that you won't be spending what little money you have on clothes you don't really need.

In summary, minimalism is important to adapt because it makes you value what you already have more. It also keeps your personal areas free from clutter. While you don't have to go so extreme everything you own fits in a backpack, you can take a weekend to sort through old clothes or books and donate them to someone who would be able to appreciate more than you could.

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