Fall 2017 is almost over and I wouldn't mind it lasting a bit longer if it weren't for finals week.

I'm set to go home in a couple days and what will I miss most? The daily feeling of guilt when I go to Starbucks in Strozier? Hearing the loud music from Market Wednesday while I'm walking to class in HCB? I look forward to classes next year because Spring semester means Florida finally gets to feel a bit of Autumn weather.

It's time to say farewell to Fall 2017, here's what I remember going through my head this semester.

1. I think I saw another sorority girl yesterday wearing that same t-shirt.

What are the odds?

2. Is someone actually in that hammock?

They’re literally sinking.

3. Legacy walk, just keep your head down and don't let them sense your fear.

I don't want to sign your petition. I don't want your flyer.

4. I should start investing in Starbucks.

There's four on campus, two right off campus, and more than four others in Tallahassee.

5. Was that the professor for my online class?

I should’ve said hello, that was rude of me.

6. I’m gonna forget all the information I just crammed by walking to the testing center.

Does it really need to be on the furthest corner of campus?

7. If that bicycle hits me, perhaps, I could get my tuition paid.

I’d have a better chance with the bus.

8. Well I just failed Chemistry.

Maybe I can join the circus.

9. This campus is so pretty.

Look up when you walk out of Bellamy, it is gorgeous.