It's Time To Mind Our Own Business
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Student Life

It’s Time To Mind Our Own Business

There might even be less drama this way.

It’s Time To Mind Our Own Business

It doesn't matter if you're 12 years old or 25 years old, people love to stick their noses where they don't belong. As a society, let's make it a goal to base our opinions and judgments off of our own encounters rather than making someone else the enemy based on a summarized story of misinterpreted events.

Just because your friend doesn't like someone, doesn't mean you have to dislike them, too.

Everyone is guilty of this, myself included. It's important to respect the loyalty between a friendship, of course, but sometimes it's taken a step too far.

Snide remarks and dirty looks are immature. It's okay to dislike someone, but learn to coexist, especially if the issue doesn't involve you.

I don't understand why friends feel the need to make everyone's problems their own. Part of growing up is learning to deal with issues head-on instead of having your entire girl gang unfollow one person on Instagram. Instead, offer some words of advice that may resolve said issue rather than creating a long-term enemy.

People can be vicious in the way they belittle someone's reputation without realizing the impact on the other's self-esteem. Imagine being on the receiving end of those crude comments. It's time to become the person who shuts down the negativity, not the one who creates it.

Let breakups stay between the two exes.

I would love to scream this one louder for those in the back, but my voice doesn't reach that volume.

Mending a broken heart is a challenge in itself, but when you have friends with input, it makes the break up even harder to handle. Don't get me wrong, you always need a support system through any hardship, but when friends begin to choose sides and talk poorly of the other party involved, the drama starts to form.

Let the former relationship run its course without having unnecessary outsiders provide their two cents. It's easy to talk down on an ex for the sake of making your friend feel better, but it doesn't make it right. Unless you have had a personal relationship with the ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend in question, keep your opinions to yourself, that also includes approaching their friends, you're only making matters worse.

One drunk weekend doesn't define who someone else is.

So you saw someone you follow on Instagram, drunk at DJ's or being carried out of afters, that doesn't mean they're a bad person. Let's remember that Syracuse is the #4 party school according to Princeton Review, so we're all going to have at least one drunk mistake in these next four years.

Students work hard during the week in order to party harder on the weekends. That's just the nature of college life. Stop demeaning the guy or girl who took it a little too far. We all have different morals and opinions, so allow each other to make decisions without feeling scrutinized with disapproval.

Judgments tend to be based on first impressions, and while often times they are important, a person's character stems much deeper than a casual night out. Having heart-to-heart conversations about love, life and emotions reveal a lot more about an individual than a drunken encounter.

Stop thinking you know everything about everyone.

Instagram and Snapchat only portray the superficial nature of an individual. Just because you follow someone on both platforms does not mean you know the intricacies of their personal life.

It isn't right to call someone fake based off of their Instagram profile, especially having never met them before. The sole purpose of Instagram is to showcase the places we have been and the friends that we have. It is near impossible to obtain an accurate judge of character from an accumulation of squares.

It shouldn't be hard to take a step back and realize that the way we treat others is hypocritical when we expect respectful treatment in return. We reap what we sow into the relationships and environment around us. Instead of investing so much time in other's lives, we should invest time in our own. Become the better person, become the change this society needs to see.

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