Millennials Kill Another Once Thrivinng Industry
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Millennials Killing Doorbell Industry By Texting 'I'm Here.'

We cannot afford to lose another industry at the hands of millennials, says economist Adam Smith.

Millennials Killing Doorbell Industry By Texting 'I'm Here.'

They've done it again, folks. Millennials are crushing yet another industry. The doorbell industry has been taking massive hits in the past decade. Professionals in the doorbell industry attribute the declining sales to millennials.

If you haven't noticed, millennials have the power of the world at their fingertips nowadays. By texting "I'm here" as opposed to ringing doorbells, they've cause a tremendous decrease in the need for doorbells ultimately causing the industry to take a massive hit.

Here are some quick facts:

1. In the past 10 years, doorbell sales have decreased by over 50%.

2. In the past year alone, that number has increased by 10%.

3. The unemployment rate amongst doorbell technicians has fallen by 20%, doorbell installation specialists have taken an even harder hit with the unemployment rate landing at 80%.

4. Only 2 in 10 Americans ring doorbells anymore, according to a recent study I just made up for this article

5. Only 4 out of every 10 doorbells in America actually ring.

If that's not bad enough, with newer doorbells such as "Ring" and "Nest," millennials have found a way to IMPROVE the doorbell industry by putting the power in the consumer's hand. Those who purchase these newer doorbells have no need for doorbell technicians or installations.

If you know a millennial, reach out to them. Discuss the horrible negatives they are having on our economy by creating newer, faster, and better technology. If one more industry crashes at the hands of the millennials, we are facing an economic downturn.

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