The hit sitcom FRIENDS first aired in 1994 and lasted for 10 years when the final season showed in 2004.

This show, to me, brought simplicity to my hectic life. A show consisting of 5 friends going through adulthood together. There were many times when I had so much going on that I would just sit down and watch a few episodes of FRIENDS just to make things seem simpler and it made me jealous of how fake that show really is because life is not that easy, even though we would love it if it was.

1. New York Living

Okay, those apartments were nice as hell and no one can say otherwise. We still ask to this day HOW they could afford that on such menial jobs.

2. Living off of medium wage no problem

The fact that Rachel would go on shopping sprees but was making money off of tips and minimum wage as a waitress at Central Perk is questionable.

3. Spending their days doing nothing and still keeping their jobs

Ever wonder when they actually go to work?

4. Having a friend to always depend on

When we go through life, it’s hard to depend on friends as you get older because you manage to grow apart, but they all managed to stay such good friends after 10 years.

5. Staying friends with your ex

The whole ‘Rachel and Ross’ thing was an eye roll after they had their baby emma, who was cute but even after a baby (A BABY) they still couldn’t decide if they wanted to be together.

6. Eating whatever they wanted and not gaining a pound.

Joey might have been the only one to put on some weight, but he’s still sexy so it doesn’t matter. I’m talking about how Monica is a cook and never gains a single thing. She actually gets hotter.

7. Still looking great after pregnancy

No mom, I’m not pregnant. Just saying.

8. Easily getting your dream job

We all WISH Gucci wanted us

9.Having a Winter Wonderland Wedding

We all know Pheobe had it made when the show ended. Paul Rudd AND a dream wedding

10. Having a pet monkey

I don’t even have a pet monkey and I already miss Marcel

11. Dating famous actors

Rachel just walked up to Jean-Claude Van Damme like it was nothing and OF COURSE, he asks her out.

12. Having a sense of adventure like Pheobe

Pheobe was by far the most intricate character and a little part of us wants to be like her.