This Is How Millennials Are Changing The Snack Industry

This Is How Millennials Are Changing The Snack Industry


Anyone who knows anything about business knows that markets change when customers start demanding something different. Business is a two-way street, and sometimes those who direct the change come from specific generations. In the recent decade, analysts have found that millennials are the current generation causing the most change in what’s being produced and how much.

And it’s not just limited to one particular genre of product. Millennials have altered the worlds of technology, fashion and now food. The running joke is that when a change happens because of millennial needs, everyone can complain that millennials have “killed” another product or industry. That’s actually not the case, though, because the new that replaces the old can often be better for everyone involved.

Recently, millennials have started eating different snacks, making snack businesses run around trying to figure out why. If they can determine the reason, companies can decide the best course of action to keep young people happy with their food. The answer comes when you try to put yourself in the mindset of a young person, along with doing a little research.

They’re Watching Ingredients

Millennials are the current generation struggling the most with money since most have student loans that take a big chunk out of their paychecks. That’s why they choose very carefully where they spend the little money that they have.

When millennials buy snack food, 89% will choose a snack that tastes good, but they’re looking for something healthy, too. They look at ingredients to make sure what they’re eating won’t hurt them in the long run.

They Want Responsible Food

Another thing millennials care greatly about is getting food that’s been carefully produced to help them or other people. Because they’ve grown up with access to the internet, they’ve become more aware than previous generations of the missions of the companies they buy from.

They want to make sure their money is going to a place they support. They also want food that’s been produced carefully, so they’ll be more likely to pick up organic quinoa that has protein and antioxidants rather than pasta.

They Look up Reviews

The flipside of young people wanting to be sure they’re getting a good snack when they spend their money is that they read reviews of online before they go to the store.

A brand getting good reviews from people in general is what’s going to attract them to one snack over another. Not many people would think to research a food before buying it, but for young people who have grown up with the internet at their fingertips, it’s second nature.

No matter what millennials are interacting with or doing, they’re approaching things differently than previous generations. They’ve grown up in an entirely different world than anyone before them, so it’s natural for industries to shift to accommodate their needs. They’re not doing anything on purpose — they’re just trying to figure out the best way for them to live in their current situations.

Even for something as seemingly small as snacks, millennials take their time learning about the product they’re going to be buying before they actually hand over their cash. They want to make sure what they’re going to be snacking on will be good for them and the people involved in the business they support by buying that snack.

And in the end, millennials know they’re causing lots of change in whatever they touch, and they don’t care about the jokes made at their expense because of it. Change is a natural part of life, so they embrace it without the fear of previous generations. Snacks and all.

Cover Image Credit: Rachael Gorjestani

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