If you are reading this, chances are you are above the age of 35 or you're an old soul trapped in a 20-something's body. These days it seems like you can't have a normal conversation with a millennial without them casually throwing a slang word into the conversation. I'm guilty of using quite a few slang words and sometimes I forget I am not around my fellow millennials all the time when I use them and these people who don't know the slang look at me like I have a speech impediment. While it is not professional to use slang when speaking, sometimes these words can express your personality and add a little life into the conversation. For all of you out there that have no idea what some of us millennials are saying sometimes, here are a couple slang terms broken down for you.

1. Lit

This is lit(erally) one of my favorite slang words. Urban Dictionary defines lit as: "When something is turned up or popping." You would use this word to describe an event such as a party or concert. Example: "That party was lit last night."

2. Bae

Urban Dictionary defines bae as: "Before anyone else; a term of affection commonly used to describe your significant other or crush." You would use this term to describe your S.O. to another person. Example: "Bae came and surprised me at work yesterday."

3. Shook

Urban Dictionary defines shook as: "Shocked or surprisd. Can't believe what you're seeing. A term commonly used to describe when you are so surprised you can't explain it." Example: "Taylor Swift just announced her new album and I'm shook!"

4. Fam

Urban Dictionary defines fam as: "A word used to describe your people. The ones that you can trust dearly. You would use this word to describe someone who is family or considered family." Example: "Thanks so much for your help today, fam!"

5. Bruh

Urban Dictionary defines bruh as: "Another way of saying bro. You would use this term to be dramatic when talking to someone casually." Example: "Bruh that quiz in Econ 202 was so hard."

6. On Fleek

Urban Dictionary defines on fleek as: "On point or perfect. You would use this term to describe a physical trait or outfit." Example: "Your outfit is on fleek today."

7. Extra

Urban Dictionary defines extra as: "Over the top, excessive, dramatic behavior, way too much. This term can be used to describe someone's attitude or outfit." Example: "Those pink heels are a bit extra for a baseball game" or "Why are you being so extra when talking to Kimmy?"

8. Dead

Urban Dictionary defines dead as: "When you're past the point of something being hilariously funny; when you've laughed as hard as you possibly can. You would use this term when something is so funny that "haha" or "lol" isn't cutting it." Example: "I'm dead, that joke was too much."

9. Goat

Urban Dictionary defines goat as: "Greatest Of All Time. This slang term is just short for the definition. It is commonly used to describe someone who is the best at something." Example: "Tom Brady is the GOAT in NFL history."

10. Salty

Urban Dictionary defines salty as: "Pissed, upset. A term used when someone seems sassy or upset around you." Example: "Why are you being so salty right now?"

11. Savage

Urban Dictionary defines savage as: "When someone or something does something outrageously cool or hilarious. This term commonly replaces "burn" now when someone says something quick witted." Example: "Wow, that was a savage come back."