18 New Year Resolutions Every Millennial Makes But Doesn't Keep

Wow we’re at the end of one heck of a year, 2017, you were full of a lot of highs and whole ton of lows. But 2018, you've never looked so good, so don’t f*ck it up. With that being said, we've got a brand spankin’ 365 days ahead of us, and soon many New Year resolutions will be made, which will all inevitably be forgotten by February. So, let’s focus on America’s favorite generation, the millennials, and 18 resolutions we'd like to (but most likely won’t) resolve in 2018.

1. Cut back on drinking

2. Get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle

3. Eat out less (including delivery)

4. Revamp your Instagram feed, become Insta famous

5. Go to class

6. Refrain from being on your phone 24/7

7. Call your parents more

8. Stop procrastinating

9. Get more sleep

10. Find your ~true love~

11. Dress more professional/your age

12. Save money

13. Be more politically active/aware

14. Stop being lazy

15. Delete Bumble/Tinder

16. Stop being so judgmental

17. Prioritize the important stuff

18. Say thank you and be thankful... and mean it.

Yeah I know it's not Thanksgiving. But out of all 18 resolutions, I sure hope #18 will stick to some of us, because even though the world seems to be going downhill at times, we gotta appreciate what we have, and never take that for granted. Alright enough sappy stuff - 2018, hit us with your best shot!!

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