The Millennial Gothic

The Millennial Gothic

Soren Bryce speaks to the unsettling corners of the Millennial mind.

If you grew up loving Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events," you may understand what I mean when I use the word "Gothic." No, I'm not referring to the spike-collared-jet-black-haired goth style. I mean the literary Gothic, the genre of "Jane Eyre," "Dracula," "Great Expectations," and "Frankenstein." The misty, borderline supernatural (or sometimes definitely supernatural) books that tend to focus on vulnerability and eeriness. "A Series of Unfortunate Events" is one of tons of other pieces of contemporary literature that bring elements of the Gothic genre back into our field of vision. There's a reason they keep remaking "Jane Eyre," a reason Lady Gaga captures our attention, a reason that we're drawn to "American Horror Story." We like a little bit of eerie in our entertainment. It allows us to float a little bit outside of our rational, systematic ideologies and see the world as something that can't always be explained.

While our experiences with the Gothic may differ widely from the days of Jane Eyre, it has certainly left its mark on our pop culture. Step back with me for a minute and take a look at my favorite musician- a folk singer-songwriter from LA. I started listening to Soren Bryce's music in 2012 when she had maybe four or five songs publicly available, all of which I downloaded and stuck on a blank CD. I still remember one of the first times I played that CD. I was driving home around midnight after a closing shift at work and rain was pouring down on my fogged-up windshield. The first song that came on was called "Gone", a sweet, haunting narrative told from the perspective of the friend of someone who had just committed suicide. Call me morbid, but this whole scene somehow resonated deeply with me. The experience I had driving home that night not only spoke to my own past and battle with depression, it also changed the way the world felt for a few minutes. I think that's what we crave in the Gothic. A little bit of the unknown, a little reminder that we are small pieces of a huge system that we can't quite grasp.

Soren's latest videos have only reinforced the parallels I see between the Gothic and the Millennial mind, especially in the music video for "Ride with You." Released last September, this thing is packed with Gothic elements- a young girl in white sleeps alone in an enormous dilapidated house. In bizarre, dreamlike fashion she walks out into the misty night, passing bizarre people along the way. She seems to embody the damsel in distress in the beginning, an innocent character in a potentially dangerous space, but contradicts this by confidently walking through the night. One minute into the video Bryce's character changes dramatically, revealing a man tied to the top of a car as she enters it and begins to drive. This unexpected twist moves Bryce from potential victim to something else, possibly even becoming monstrous (another crucial trope of the Gothic is that of the monstrous, which was sometimes embodied by a terrifying human being).

I think the Gothic genre and Soren Bryce's video resonate well with Millennials because it looks a little like our own world. We're entering a scary time in our lives. The workplace is an enormous unknown full of mystery and danger. We feel threatened by predatory lending and an economy that often feels like it wants to use us like batteries. But at the same time, we have a subtle confidence in our own power and place in the world. When it comes to humanitarian causes, social justice, and the use of technology we are forces to be reckoned with. We are creating a new way for the world to operate and as we do so we become powerful in our society. In this way we can identify as both the damsel and the mystery. In interviews we may lose our confidence and feel like we're at the mercy of corporate America, but when we look at the future we see a place for ourselves and a world that we know how to succeed in.

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Of course he with the help of his friends.


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"Don't underestimate the value of doing nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can't hear, and not bothering." -Piglet

"Could be worse. Not sure how, but it could be." -Eeyore

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Music Review: Greta Van Fleet, "Anthem of the Peaceful Army"

The best rock album of the year.


Greta Van Fleet is a rock band with a classic rock sound. But what is so amazing is that the four members, 3 of which are brothers, are between the ages of 19 and 22. You have Josh, the lead singer; Jake, who plays guitar; Sam, who plays the bass and piano; and Danny, who plays the drums. They just released their first full album this year, back in October. I have been waiting for this album for so long and it is just so awesome! I love it. I ordered a vinyl record when it was released and it is amazing. This is a breakdown of each song, and what you can expect from each one.

1.​ Age Of Man

Age Of Man: This is the opening song of the album. The song starts off slow, but it reminds me of something mystical. The lyrics of the whole song remind me of an oral story that is being told from an elder to the younger people about how we as people have come about. Josh's vocals are just amazing in the chorus, he can really belt! Overall I think this is a great song, and it's a great opening to what these guys want to tell.

2. The Cold Wind

The Cold Wind: This song is just so fun. Sam does an amazing job in the bass in this song. It sounds so intricate and really adds a lot to this song. Furthermore, Jake's little guitar solo is so fun. One thing that is starting to grow on me about this song is the vocals in the middle of the song where Josh is just saying "Ma ma ma ma ma…". It sounds a little funny and the first time I heard it I actually laughed out loud because it reminded me of a confused dodo bird. But the more I listen to it, the more I like it because it's just such a fun thing. This is the kind of song that I can just stupidly dance around to and have fun with it.

3. When The Curtain Falls

When The Curtain Falls: I actually had this song stuck in my head for the past few nights while trying to sleep, which was interesting. But this song is so fun. Just every aspect of this song, from the vocals to the guitar, to the drums, to the bass, perfectly melds together to create this masterpiece. Also, Jake does a sick guitar riff. Like I am blown away! Just so good.

4. Watching Over

Watching Over: We're slowing it down again. But it has a psychedelic feel to it. This song is much more serious than some of the other ones. The chorus really hits on the point how much we have ruined our planet, but we don't want to see it or fix it because many people are acting like it's fine. Kind of a deep and depressing song, but so relevant and thought provoking. A very interesting detail that I hope you hear when listening to this, it kind of freaked me out the first time I heard it, but during the part when Josh sings, "With the water rising" you can hear like a deeper voice singing it too. Perhaps it's the one watching over?

5. Lover, Leaver

Lover, Leaver: This song is one of my favorites. It reminds me of a 70s song because of the way the instruments come together. It gives a feeling of Woodstock and nostalgia. Furthermore, the lyrics are a fun play on words. For example, "Lover, leaver" sounds like "love her, leave her". I don't know if they meant for that to happen, but it just adds a bit extra to the song. The ending is mind boggling. Danny does an amazing job on those drums. I can only imagine how tiring it must be.

6. You're The One

You're The One: This song is just so cute and loving. Sam does a great job on the piano, which adds a lot of character to the song. It sounds like a song I've heard before, like this could be a cover to an older song, but I can't find anything about it. Obviously they've done a good job achieving that older sound if I think it sounds like an older song. This is a great song and I highly recommend this song if you want something a bit more relaxed and loving.

7. The New Day

The New Day: I love this song. It makes me feel so inspired to just go out and love people. The opening line, which is my favorite, just says it all, "Let the new day shine its light on me". What a powerful opening line! However, there's a line that says, "You're growing up I'll watch you bloom" but I always think he's saying "You're throwing up". I think that's just a "me problem", but it makes the song a bit funnier. Anyway, I feel like a flower child when I listen to this song, and that's all I want in life. I hope that this song inspires you too and that you wake up each day with a fresh start.

8. Mountain of the Sun

Mountain of the Sun: Another great song. This is an awesome song to listen to while hiking or just out and about. The opening guitar sounds so cool, and makes you feel like you're on a journey. Josh's voice is just so incredible, but it really shines in this song. Jake has an awesome riff in this song, and one of my favorite parts is when they use the tambourine. It's such a simple sound, but it adds another layer to this song.

9. Brave New World

Brave New World: This song is much darker than the others, in respect to both content and sound. This song again reflects on the damage that we have done to this earth, but a more social commentary on it. One of my favorite lines of the song is "kill fear, the power of lies For we will not be hypnotized" because fear is a powerful thing, and fear is a liar. It makes us believe lies that we tell ourselves or that we hear from others. Once you realize this, you will not give in to fear and you will know the truth. Again, Jake has an amazing rift near the end and Sam does some awesome things with the bass. They just kill it every time.

10. Anthem

Anthem: This song is personally one of my other favorites. It's one of their slower songs but it ties the whole album together since it is the "Anthem" of the Peaceful Army. The song talks about how there are so many problems in the world and everyone has different opinions, but we should "agree to disagree" on our opposing views and just love each other. This is a chill song. It almost has a tropical feel to it, so you feel so relaxed.

11. Lover, Leaver (Taker, Believer)

Lover, Leaver (Taker, Believer): This is an extended version of "Lover, Leaver" and it is just as amazing. It's a bit longer because there is more of a rif in the middle. You get so much more from all of the members. You just have to listen to this song because they all just do such an amazing job making this song even more perfect, which I didn't even know was possible.

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