Millenials cell phone obsession

Cellphones; the best and worst invention to enter into society and the grisly hands of mankind. Sure, it may make life easier, but do you really have to be on it all the time? Imagine yourself at school texting while walking to your biology class. BAM! That was the sound of your head hitting a hard pole that you could have easily missed if you simply looked up. The paramedics come and it’s off to the emergency room for you!

Oh, but it gets better. When you wake up and have the urge to urinate, you don’t go to the nearest toilet immediately. Instead, you check up on your social media —— Facebook, tumblr, twitter yada yada blah blah… know the usual. Five minutes later, you receive one new friend request from your crush and end up wetting the bed. Social media could have been looked at AFTER your trip to restroom but you simply could not wait a few minutes.

Cellphones are also a great thing to bring to dates, because they replace awkward silences. Imagine you and your crush on a date, one-on-one, facing each other in your favorite restaurant. You were just talking about movies that you’ve seen recently when all of a sudden, the sound of —— not a burp, not a fart but ——— nothing enters your table. How disgusting. You quickly pick up your smartphone and play the time-wasting but addictive game Candy Crush. Ding ding ding! You finally beat that level that you’ve been stuck on for a week and are now on level 203! You’re now at the top of the leaderboard. Look at how much you’re accomplishing in your life because playing a silly old match-three puzzle game for three weeks non-stop is totally beneficial for your well-being.

But wait it gets even better. You just received a text message from your BFF while driving your new and expensive car that your parents gave you as a graduation present. You send her the letter “K” and end up running 2 red lights, causing a car accident and killing an elderly lady and her yorkshire terrier while crossing the supposedly safe crosswalk. A few weeks later, you’re given a trial and you’re ultimately sent to jail for manslaughter. Wow, all that trouble just for a meaningless one-word text?

Cell phones are also a dangerous thing for your precious hands. I remember reading a news article on yahoo about a normal teenage girl who actually broke her fingers due to excessive texting. Texting is a dangerous activity and should only be enjoyed moderately. I read that the girl went to therapy and visited TA (Texters Anonymous) three times a week. News updates report that she’s less obsessed which is a great sign. Her fingers have been healed back to normal and her mentality is where it should be. But now, she’s obsessed with Flappy Bird.

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