Mike Pence's Email Use Is "No Comparison" To Clinton's
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Mike Pence's Email Use Is "No Comparison" To Clinton's

Mike Pence speaks out about his personal email usage as Vice President

Mike Pence's Email Use Is "No Comparison" To Clinton's
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The uproar over Hillary Clinton’s emails has always been -- and will continue to be -- one of the most laughable faux scandals in recent American politics. The use of a dot-com email instead of a dot-gov made all the difference. Now as America’s Vice President gets caught in the act, the two situations are debated to be incapable of being compared.

As of recent, Indiana’s state senator, and America’s new Vice President Mike Pence, says there is “no comparison whatsoever” in his use of personal email compared to Clinton’s. Pence spoke with House Speaker Paul Ryan and was asked if being caught in his use of this email gave him any sympathy to the Democratic nominee who faced constant hassle, and rocketed the 2016 campaign.

Pence used an AOL personal email when discussing resettling Syrian refugees and other matters on an account that was hacked on Thursday according to sources.

In a 2014 September email exchange, Pence asked his then-homeland security adviser John Hill for an "update of the investigation in Columbus (Indiana) following the vandalism ... to area churches ... Including the church I grew up in." In another email from November 2015, Pence asked his communications staff to promote an op-ed from then-Sen. Dan Coats about Indiana's fight to bar Syrian refugees from settling in the state.

Hill also alerted Pence to an FBI terror assessment in another exchange included in 30 pages of emails provided to CNN by Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb's office in response to a public records request. The emails and the successful hack of Pence's email account were first reported Thursday night by The Indianapolis Star.

Sarah Sanders, a White House spokesperson tells reporters, “he did everything to the letter of the law in Indiana, turned all of his emails over, unlike Hillary who lose at least 30,000 -- who knows how many more?” This to Sanders is an “apples-to-oranges comparison.” And that is not wrong.

As I believe both Pence and Hillary are equally wrong for the use of private emails on a personal account, here is a guide to comparing their situation.

Using private email was legal in Indiana. Using private email was discouraged in the State Department. Official government email was not forbade in the state of Indiana while Pence was in exchange of such discussions. In his defense, he may argue he had no other way. In contrast to Clinton, it is strongly encouraged to use state.gov email accounts that are archived.

Pence was a Governor. Hillary was in the Cabinet. Not at all to discount Pence’s actions, though he wasn’t exactly trading in state secrets. His terror- related emails had already been covered publicly by the media. Clinton did, however, hold much of the nation’s biggest secrets.

People generally trust Pence, unlike they do Clinton. Even political rivals of Pence say he is a man of his word and predictable in his conservative approach to politics. Clinton has never enjoyed the benefit of the doubt. For decades American voters have been conditioned to believe the worst about Clinton. Her private email scandal only heightened that thought process and solidified that she is less trustworthy than the politician she is next to.

Pence’s disclosure came after the campaign. Clinton’s came during it. Timing matters heavily in the eyes of the law. Pence is now the Vice President and nobody is credibly arguing his use of an AOL account. Clintons emails became a problem during the midst of a campaign. Everything mattered. Every word, every action, every decision.
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