I used to never understand how people could say that they love college. They must spend all of their time partying and not taking it seriously, I supposed. How else could they shed such a positive light on an institution that places so much stress and pressure on its students?

I used to never understand how people could be sad when the school year comes to a close. How could someone not be thrilled by the fact that we finally get a break from the endless exhausting hours of work and studying?

To be honest, I still cannot completely relate to how students feel that way. After this year, though, I think that I am starting to understand it just a bit more. When I look back at my sophomore year, I can admit that there are certain aspects that I am going to miss.

The past year has not been easy. I recently changed my mom's name in my phone to "Customer Service" after a joke she made about all the panicked and confused calls and texts that I send her way.

With that said, challenges are good. Taking the easy path has never been my way. I learned so much from the architecture program and made projects that I am truly proud of. I gained so many great memories from my extracurriculars as well.

For me, sophomore year as an architecture student meant endless hours in studio and quite a few sleepless nights. While I complained plenty at the time, I can look back at it now and recognize the amazing community that I had along the way. When I had trouble plotting was running late to review, students were by my side to keep me calm and get ready for pin-up. Whenever I was still working in studio at 4 a.m., I was hardly ever alone, and there was always someone there to talk to. When I was applying to internships and needed frequent advice along the way, I had an amazing instructor that cared and was always there to help.

I am so grateful to everyone who helped me along the way and for the opportunities that lie ahead. I do not know what my future will entail, but am finally confident that I have the resources and ability to make it a good one.

Perhaps I am speaking too soon about all of this. Perhaps I am overly sentimental since studio just drew to a close and final review went well. Most classes aren't even over, and grades won't be released for some time. Nevertheless, I think that what made this past year special was not striving to get good grades, but the good experiences in the meantime.

I should make it clear that I am still ecstatic that school is ending and that break is almost here. I am beyond excited to spend the summer at home with my family, see my friends, and start my internship. The good memories that I made this year, though, are ones that I will gladly keep with me forever.