Grey's Anatomy is a show that's emotional, dramatic, but most of all-- extremely relatable. Let's be honest, most people are thinking about binging Grey's on Netflix instead of studying for finals (or they are procrastinating by doing so). So here are 11 Grey's GIFs that accurately describe midterms.

When you form a study group, but everyone is just as confused as you are.

When someone in your class reminds the professor about a midterm paper.

When you've been up all night doing work and studying.

When you should be studying but your friends ask if you want to go to the bars.

When you've been in the same spot for hours and need a 30 second dance break.

When nothing you studied is on the exam.

When you binge watch Netflix instead of studying.

When your friends try to cheer you up.

When you hype your friends up for their exams.

When someone tells you they don't have any midterms.

And finally, when midterms are over and its time for Spring Break.