Day 1: Hopeful

At the beginning of the week, you're hopeful. Midterms is a chance to bring up your grade before the end of the semester. You gather materials and complete midterm study guides. Flashcards and highlighters are scattered all throughout your dorm. You're ready.

Day 2: Exhaustion

At this point in the process you have spent more time in the library than you care to admit. Your face is starting to break out due to stress. The dorm room is filled with empty snack wrappers and random trash. All you want to do is lay down and cry yourself to sleep.

Day 3: Craziness

After being exhausted, you transition into craziness. You start losing highlighters, pencils and binders (or throwing them at things). You mutter threats or even cry to teachers assigning work on top of exams while you dream of the day when the madness is finally over.

Day 4: Bargaining

An idea comes to mind: what if you can convince your teacher to give an extension. Maybe they will give you the exam answers! Once this fails, you move on to friends without exams. You beg them to write papers or review flashcards, anything to make the process go faster.

Day 5: Reaffirmation

At this point in the week, you are careless about life. You have found the joy of sweatpants, food and Netflix. It takes everything in your gut not to feel like a failure, yet you still wake up and convince yourself you can get through the stress.

Day 6: Acceptance

After spending five days in the library, you have accepted that you can do all you can do. Instead of studying, you go home and cry to your best friend while groaning about how much midterms suck. You have accepted that you're done trying.

Day 7: Celebration

You have finished all your midterms. The stress slowly starts to disappear. You break out in your dancing and finally hit the town hoping to never remember or repeat this week again.