I know that as we start to approach the middle of the semester things almost seem to slow down. For the most part, we've all found our flow, whether it's where we like to study or who we eat with, things seem to be a bit more comfortable. However, a consequence of that would be something I like to call Midterm Molasses. This is where you kinda feel pretty slow and lazy and all around not being on top of everything you got to get done. I'm here to remind you this: YOU CAN'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU.

It really doesn't matter whether you're a freshman or a senior, everyone does need to deal with the midterm exams that are coming up. If you get into this sort of comfort zone where you aren't studying when you should be, watching a little too much YouTube, a little less going to class, YOU WILL FAIL. I don't mean to drop the F-bomb so easily, but it's true. I need to instill the fear of God in you at this point because you need to wake up and realize that book will not read itself and those notes aren't just going to write themselves. We always tell ourselves "Hey I got some time or maybe that those tests aren't so soon." Check those syllabi, people. I bet those tests are just creeping up on you without you even knowing it.

Now I'm not going to just freak you out and make you worry without giving you a couple tips.

1. Utilize Your Study Space 

If you find yourself reaching for the TV remote more or switching tabs to some YouTube, try to visit a place you know you can get work DONE. Personally, I can't get work done anywhere I have a bed within sight. If you can, maybe have multiple places you can visit so that you really get work done, and you won't get sick of seeing the same things.

2. Work Ahead

Ouch. The two words every procrastinator loves to laugh at (myself included). Although I'm bad about it, working ahead really does wonders. Getting things done as soon as they come in leaves so much less stress on your mind. Remember all those Sunday nights you stayed up till one or two trying to finish up whatever was due Monday morning? What if you got that done early? Maybe you could have been sound asleep instead of typing your essay up like a zombie.

3. Get Organized

At this point in the semester, you probably have the pile of stuff that is left undone or maybe you just stop worrying about whatever it is that's in that pile. Take a day, make some time to go through whatever is in that pile (even if that pile is your room). I know we love saying there is a "method to my madness," but sometimes that madness is a little too crazy even for you. It's OK to admit that. Clean up, take control of your space.

4. Take Care of Yourself

As the weather changes and everyone around you is getting the sniffles, be careful for yourself. Don't be the person that's like, "EW STAY AWAY" because that's rude. Just stay a distance away, maybe take some extra vitamin c, and practice regular hygiene. If you start to feel sick, drink some tea or honey water to help. Stay aware, and don't just write it off. Get the rest you need and take care of your body.

Hopefully, this little wake-up call will prove useful, considering you are reading this instead of doing something a little more productive. I hope you'll heed my advice and do what you gotta get done. Good luck with your incoming exams, and don't let them completely run you over. I'll leave you with one last piece of advice.

Just take the day an hour at a time, put one foot in front of the other, bob your head a little to whatever music you've got blaring in your ears, and breathe. It'll be alright.