Midnight Memoirs No. 1
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Midnight Memoirs No. 1

Transparency is a necessary component to human growth.

Midnight Memoirs No. 1
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Hello, everyone! While I love writing fresh material for the Odyssey, I realized I have a lot of content that I wrote in my notes app. Usually, these works are written at early hours in the morning, and I find myself re-reading these wondering: "How in the world did I get to this thought?" I figured that it was only appropriate to start a series on this platform called "Midnight Memoirs". Some of these are somewhat profound, and others are purely comical. I hope you enjoy the first of many.

It kills me to know that I am not the bearer of depth or higher understanding as I once was; simply because I am feeling so shallow. It kills me to feel my soul thin as life's ocean continues to crash against it over and over again. It is the worst feeling in the world.

As a society, we tend to demonize shallowness. We think humanity is some complex deity, and we must serve it at all times whether in public or private. We always have to be made of more sides than just one, and God forbid, if you have no mystery, then no one will stick around very long. But, if you are too complex, you'll blow the average man's mind, which is wrong because you're always supposed to overcompensate for a man's pride, right?

Throughout this small period of shallowness, I have realized a couple of things:

  1. Society is a joke.
  2. Since we make up society, so are we.
  3. Being shallow is okay.

In future articles, I will elaborate a little bit more on my personal relationship with society, but for right now, I want to tell you, the reader, that shallowness is okay. Sometimes, being shallow is all that you can be.

And sure, everyone says that you can't be 100% all of the time, which is true. However, some people can be 100% shallow for eternity. And that is okay.

Humanity is a complex concept. However, humans are not complex objects. Humans make up the animal group, and sure, we have our own fancy-schmancy species nomenclature, but we have the same desires and actions of animals. We are animals at the end of the day, same as a dog or a parrot. Don't feel special because you put on pants and tie your shoelaces every morning. The world does not work for your complexity.

As humans, we have this sick, innate need to be the best, the brightest, and the most complex yet comfortable species of our race. Because of this competition, we are killing the things that we have to thank for our daily lives i.e. the Earth. Shallowness is the combat to this.

It is a state of mind and being, where you realize how small you are and how little you truly matter. In shallowness, there is true transparency with you and the environment, and you can honestly transcend to new heights of thought. (Also, do not confuse pettiness with being shallow. Being "petty" is a societal construct, where man exceeds his own personal standard of pride to tone down someone else's light. Do not be shallow within society, but shallow aka "transparent" within your own self)

I'm not telling you to diminish yourself, or abandon all the things that make you special. I'm also not telling you to leave behind your complexity. Consider who you are being complex for, and if it is for you, feel free to shift into that persona I'm urging you to push beyond yourself and this societal complexity that you have entrapped yourself in. Your soul, heart and spirit are not complex. Do not let society destroy the natural balance you have internally. Be shallow.

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