As a young women voting in her first presidential election, I want to make a smart, informed and conscious decision when casting my vote. I want to choose the candidate that will do the most for me personally, and for all the citizens of this country. The line is clear, I know what I believe, and what I admire and look for in the person running my country. However, there is also two difficulties to making this decision.

Do I vote to maintain the status quo and stick with a candidate offering the world, but doesn’t necessarily understand how to deliver all the hopes and dreams he promised to the American people. To make it simple, do I vote for a rich, white man simply because he has a checkmark for those characteristics? These promises he’s made to the citizens-- building a wall across the Mexican border, getting rid of Common Core and Obamacare, defund Planned Parenthood and “limit” immigration into the US from all outside countries, do we, the people, really think will happen?

Or do I vote to make history. Do I vote for a women, who understands what working in government entails, but also has made mistakes of her own? I can vote for a women that sets black/white stances on the issues-- like campus sexual assault, Alzheimer’s disease, gun violence protection and equality? She might not make outrageous claims as to what she’ll do it president, but also might be a criminal…How do I choose a candidate to trust with my future?

From the influential first black first lady, Michelle Obama, someone who with her husband as president has already made history, I became clear on how we the people really need to look at the upcoming election. It can't be based on gender, class or race, it needs to be based on how their position in power will keep the country running, and running in a better direction, one that will maintain the ideals that all men and women were created equal. What did she say that struck me so profoundly?

It’s controversial, confusing and challenging to make your stance clear on who you want to vote for. But just know that who you vote for is your decision and only yours. Do not let the media, ad campaigns and those around you influence your decision. This isn’t supposed to make you cool, and you don’t need to vote for someone just because your parents are, or your boyfriend or that ranting facebook friend that throws their beliefs and choices onto all their “friends.” Take the time to determine what your ideology is, what each candidate specifically stands for and how that fits into your beliefs, morals and life. The time is worth it, the candidate could be in power for up to eight years, make your vote worth it.