Throughout the nine seasons of "The Office," all of which I've personally watched not once but twice, Michael Scott's inherent idiocy and sarcasm never fails to be both accurate and relatable to most of life's situations.

1. When they've explained it three times and you just don't get it

I need more help.

2. When you just don't fit in

Just need some friends.

3. Because sometimes you just can't English

Literally all the time.

4. When you stare at literally any problem

All the time.

5. Sometimes life is really like that 

It really do be like that sometimes.

6. This is every college student when they open their bank account 

What money?

7. Because ice cream makes any day better 

I like ice cream.

8. Because everyone wants attention, whether they'll admit it or not 

Don't lie.

9. When you haven't left your house in over a day 

Sometimes that's just what you gotta do.

10. For when you really don't want to go outside 

And I like my bed.