Flour tortillas.

Carne asada.


Salsa. Both green and red.

Cucumber, grilled onions, and limes on the side.

That's what I like on my tacos. Usually what I always get.

My favorite taco places are nowhere nearby. They're actually located on the other side of the border. In Mexico.

You can usually find them on the corner of the street. Whether it's at 5:00 p.m. or 2:00 a.m., the stands are always there.

Personally, I prefer the taco runs in the middle of the night with some friends or family. The type of people I can have endless conversations with as we stuff our faces with tacos.

I've been to way more taco stands than what I count. All in different places in California, Mexico, and Arizona. But they all have the one thing I'm always looking for…

Good tortillas and spicy salsa.

There are endless variations of meats and condiments for tacos, but you can't ignore the two essential things for a good taco.

Tacos that have hard shells are NOT tacos unless you're eating a tostada. And I doubt you are.

Our tacos have tortillas... that are warm, not the kind you take out of the fridge and put meat on right away.

Shredded cheese does not go on tacos. Neither does your evenly chopped tomato.

If you've never had a taco like the ones I'm talking about, then you're missing out.

Like seriously.

Go on Yelp and find a street taco vendor. You'll thank me later.