Camp-What It Means And How It Affects Your Style

Camp, according to a BBC Article is as stated by Susan Sontag in her essay on camp in 1964 it is "The hallmark of Camp is the spirit of extravagance." That is the definition I chose to use and explore today instead of the Oxford definition from 1909 that has the term centered around homosexuals. The term did stem from gay men and woman and it is a term coined by the LGBT community, which is amazing. But, thanks to the 2019 Met Gala Theme, it is now more than that and a more mainstream idea of fashion that no one can seem to stop talking about.

Camp, to me, is the expression of something you love in the most extravagant way as possible. This can be incorporated into your everyday style in very subtle ways. Statement jewelry, bright shoes, and monochrome looks. Anything that is an exaggerated form of what you love and who you are.

Being extra is ok. If it makes you feel good, you should be doing it. Camp isn't a fashion category that is fit for everyone. But, if you like to dress up and can't due to financial restrictions, dress code restrictions or whatever, you can still find ways to work it out. Fashion is a very personal choice and can 100 percent influence how you feel and perform in your everyday life.

You can also take inspiration from the red carpet looks from the Met Gala. Do you like Kim Kardashian's look? Try the wet hair trend and more warm neutral tones. Do you like Lady Gaga's extravagant performance removing clothing? Play with trendy or daring layers or pieces layered on top of normal things that you wouldn't expect (Think long sleeve bodysuit under a skater dress).

Taking inspiration and updating your closet is a way to keep life exciting. It is important to stay out of ruts and be the best you possible. I recommend the Met Gala for inspiration because it is all of the people and designers you admire showing their best work and things they love. They put hard work into what they look like and you should too.

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