To My Fellow Incoming Freshmen...

To my fellow high school seniors.

Congratulations. We're here. We did it.

We're all at the precipice of starting a new chapter of our lives. For some of us, it's exciting. For others, terrifying. For the rest of us, myself included, it's both. What do we do now? The answer: we look forward.

Leaving high school is scary, but here are some things to look forward to and some ways to just amp up your overall excitement for a wonderful four years in college.

Reach out to other incoming freshmen at your school.

Whether it's reaching out to that person in your class at school that you don't really know, but do know is attending the same college as you, or you find someone on social media with "(insert college name here) '23" in their Instagram bio, reach out!! I joined a GroupMe for incoming freshmen at OU a month or two ago, and not only did I meet my roommate and some amazing new friends, but it made me feel better about making friends in college. It's comforting to know I'll have a group of friends to fall back on from day one.

Research ways you can get involved!

Before even committing to OU, I had already looked into writing for Odyssey, the equestrian team, and reached out to people in several other student organizations on campus. Every college campus has some way to get involved through extracurriculars, and it can be very exciting to anticipate joining a club that looks interesting to you in the fall!

Enjoy your time left with your friends at home!

I've spent the past few weeks focusing on hanging out with my friends whenever I have the chance! You'll miss them so much, even after you make your new college friends. So take some time to love your friends before you all have to leave for college.

Lastly, let yourself feel the way you feel, but remember you'll be okay.

It's okay to feel nervous about college starting. It's a huge transition for most of us, and it's scary not knowing what to expect. Your newfound freedom (along with the responsibilities it holds) will scare you. That's okay. You will be okay. Remember that. One of the best chapters is about to begin. :)

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