I have something to say. I will be blunt. It may offend you. Quite frankly, I do not care. I am offended. I am hurt. I am trying to be peaceful and understanding but you, the United States of America, are making it difficult.

So no, I will not sugar coat what I have to say. I will not hold back the anger I feel. I come to you today to speak my voice. I come to you today to exercise my right to speak freely. And I come to tell you that you, America, are a hypocrite.

We are hypocrites because of the way we treat religion. And yes, I am specifically speaking to my fellow Christians. Not even ten years ago we were fighting anyone who wanted to pray in a public setting. I listened as my peers said that prayer needed to be brought back into our public schools and that people should be able to pray wherever and whenever they want. That if the majority wanted a group prayer those who didn't then needed to suck it up and deal.

Put yourself in the shoes of the person who would need to suck it up. Would you really just suck it up? We live in a society in which we think it's our way or the highway. And it's utter crap. If someone else's religion was forced upon you would you simply sit back and let it happen? I don't think you would. In fact, I've lived through people telling me to quit shoving my religion down their throats when all I was doing was wearing a cross necklace I received from my grandmother when I was confirmed. Stop telling people to "suck it up", because you surely wouldn't.

We are hypocrites because we were just screaming about how awful our education system is. Yet look at who was just appointed to Secretary of Education. The same woman wants to push a voucher program that will hurt the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). She has dedicated her career to pushing this program nationwide. She wants them in our public schools. There are stories about students in schools that have these programs and are turned away and not given the help they need. How is that at all fair? How is that not leaving a child behind? They are no less important than the 4.0 student sitting on the other side of the room.

We are hypocrites because we do not show equality. We say that men and women are equal but look at the wage gaps. Look at how a woman is shamed for making a choice about her body and her life. Look at the jobs that are given to men over women simply because we don't think a woman should be in that role. Do I need to continue? Or do you get the point? Because I, a woman, do not feel equal to my male peers. Everything I do is second guessed. There are always eyes looking for me to make a mistake. I have even been told I will make a great wife one day because I clear tables for others and then wipe them down as well.

The thing that makes me the most upset is all of this fake news bullshit. Okay, why do we need to create fake events? ESPECIALLY A MASS SHOOTING?! And yes, Kellyanne Conway, I am speaking directly to you. This has gotten out of control. It started with a few people just trying to produce satire and has grown to our government officials making it up. Let us not forget the President of the United States telling us that we want a wall and extreme vetting when so many have spoken out publicly to say the opposite.

Take your hypocrisy, America. I do not want it. Take your intolerance of people who differ from you. I do not want it. Take your lies. I do not want them. The only thing I want from you is the ability to look to the future without fear.