Cracked Skulls

I am too much

I am too much

I am too much

though you never make me feel so;

you reach within me

& you find the simplicity

that i so desperately long for

I am too much

I am too much

I am too much

you crack open my skull to drain me

of all liability & contempt

that I feel for myself

& I stitch myself up as you go

I am enough,

with you

or without you.

The Haunting Of My Conscience

I'm afraid to expose my dark parts to you,

for I fear my ghouls will send you away

though, I understand;

I've grown accustomed to solitude

I am a home of cobwebs and bottled up spirits.

Secondhand News

I am the capture release of a Canon

but never the subject of the lens.

I am the observer of the passerby

but never the admired mystery.

I am the keystone of a storybook

but never the protagonist.

Strangers' beating hearts sculpt me.

I am secondhand news.

Emotionally Emotionless

my mind is a pen of invisible ink;

a screaming incubus of inhibition

but I am a blank canvas;

I persist in detachment.

Paper Lips // Haiku

sinful prose escapes

contemptuous paper lips

seizing my sorrow

Lazy Bones

lazy bones

you sequester me

you drain me of viability

lazy bones

I adore you

I adore your existence

lazy bones

I detest you

I detest you efficacy

lazy bones

how addictive

how bittersweet

Lonely Sunflower

I am merely a wilted sunflower

in need of nutrients that the cryptic

hollows of nutrients refuse to provide