Mental Illness Jokes Need To Stop

It’s 2019, Joking About Mental Illness And Suicide Is Canceled

Mental illness is not something that should be tampered with or taken carelessly.


We are in a time where personal, social and global change has caused people to become more anxious, afraid and hopeless than ever before. This also means that mental illnesses have increased drastically and are also the leading cause for suicide in the world.

Due to the growing awareness of mental illnesses, more people know about it and are being more careful about how they treat people that show symptoms of having it. This also helps people become confident enough to come out and tell their stories. To share their experiences with their mental illnesses and what they've been battling.

But there are some who actually use these mental illnesses to manipulate, threaten, and deceive people who love them, and this is very wrong. I have had personal experiences where I have been on the receiving end of being with a person who manipulated me by threatening to commit suicide, and I would like to personally testify and say that it was not an easy experience. Being constantly on your toes because you're unsure if it was going to be the final day you see your loved one because they kept threatening to kill themselves if things do not go their way is something a person does not want to experience. That kind of manipulation is not something to be proud of. If you fall under this category and you are fond of doing this, it would lead to the story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" and that is not something a person wants to experience in their life

Mental illness is no joke and it shouldn't be something to be taken carelessly.

I get that there are some days where the feelings might be actually unbearable, and you really feel like you cannot take it anymore, but that is different. Using it to actually manipulate a person who cares about you to do what you want is actually very wrong, and if you do not want to end up alone please stop it.

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