5 Things To NOT Do During Quarantine
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5 Activities That Sound Like A Good Idea, But They Will NOT Help Your Quarantine Depression

Mission abort, MISSION ABORT!

5 Activities That Sound Like A Good Idea, But They Will NOT Help Your Quarantine Depression

With winter coming to an end I had just managed to kick out seasonal depression, but then quarantine shoved in regular depression and locked the door. So how am I dealing with my depression now that I'm stuck inside? Simple, with jokes and not taking anyone's advice.

Cut your own hair

Now that salons and barbershops are closed, everyone is left to their own devices when it comes to their hair. So why not try to do it yourself? Give yourself a nice trim, maybe try out some bangs, or why not take it a step further and impulse shave your whole head? I am guilty of the latter. I woke up one-morning last week, skipped my online class and spent an hour in the bathroom with a trimmer. There's nothing like a new buzz cut to really change up your routine.

Escape to TikTok

When real life gets overwhelming, or severely underwhelming, escape to the world of TikTok. There is so much content, that you'll forget real life even exists for a while. You'll open the app while sitting on the couch and re-emerge hours later having not moved an inch! And that's one more day gone by in quarantine.

Zoom call your (also sad and depressed) friends

When you feel the need for human interaction (outside of your family) get all of your friends together for a hangout. If you're already using zoom for classes, this is the perfect way to use it for something actually fun. Have a virtual happy hour, a virtual game night, or just complain to each other about how insane you're going.

Live Vicariously Through BTS

If you have a desperate itch to go somewhere, live out your travel dreams by watching BTS' Bon Voyage series. Watch the members travel by themselves (as a group) to different countries, witness their chaotic adventures, and appreciate their beautiful friendship. With a quick Google search, you can find links to each episode and even ones with subtitles if you need it. Since we don't know when this quarantine will end, you can easily binge all four seasons.

Do something actually helpful

On a serious note, when you feel depression kicking your butt during this quarantine, do anything you can to change things up. Reach out and talk to someone or call your friends, go outside and take a walk, start a new hobby or learn a new skill.

Hang in there. You'll get through this.

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