To The Men Who Hit On Taken Women
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To The Men Who Hit On Taken Women

Offering to buy me a drink won't get you brownie points.

To The Men Who Hit On Taken Women
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There are many women in this world, but some of you men can't seem to understand that if one conversation doesn't work out, there are others to be had. This is especially true when it comes to girls in relationships.

Many girls have experienced this behavior first-hand. Whether the boyfriend she speaks of is true or not, you boys will keep the conversation going in hopes of getting lucky.

It'll be filled with flirtatious remarks and offers of drinks or rides after a night out. It's a never-ending conversation to us girls. We are running in circles to get you to stop.

When we're in relationships, you especially seem to have a hard time understanding what that means – and that's alarming.

There's nothing wrong with conversation. A lot of girls have platonic guy friends, so they aren't afraid of normal conversation with a guy. When you turn the conversation sexual or start to flirt, we will desperately try to turn it back around though. This is often done with the help of the boyfriend -- and yes, the boyfriend really exists.

Suddenly, that's all the conversation is about; I'm asked about his name, what he does, what he studies, how long we've been together, how l met him, so on, and so forth. It's not only exhausting, but God is it disrespectful.

If I tell you I've been a relationship for only a couple months, that absolutely does not mean you get to ask, "Oh, so it's not that serious then?"

Shut. Up.

Whether it's been two months or two years, I will be taking my relationship as seriously as a heart attack. It's not a game, it's not a hobby; it's two peoples' feelings and their trust for one another.

To assume it's not serious is to assume I'll agree and cheat with you.

If I've been with him for some time and you ask, "So it's pretty serious then, huh?" is your way of leading me to point out flaws. It's encouraging me to say something like, "I guess, but I'm getting bored," or some other complaint.

You have no business in my relationship.

I will talk about my boyfriend, but that doesn't mean I will let you in on our secrets, or tell you my feelings.

Asking about him will not get you brownie points, and it most definitely will not get me to forget him and go home with you. Offering to buy me a beer will not make me like you more than the person I've romantically committed myself to.

Hitting on a girl who's expressed that she's taken sets you in the opposite direction you want to go. It shows you're a man who can't be trusted, condones cheating, and is unreliable.

Why would a girl give up a relationship she's committed herself to just to spend one night with a piece of trash guy like that?

Why give up love, respect, and trust for a guy who will only text when he's in the mood?

You can sweet talk all you want, but it doesn't mean we will stop caring for our boyfriends. Assuming we will, just for a second, to be with you, is disrespectful, rude, and downright low.

About a month after getting into a relationship, a guy approached me at the bar. We had normal conversation, two-stepped, and then he offered to buy me a beer and insisted I take his number in case I wanted to go out with him.

He knew I had a boyfriend and even pried like I mentioned before. When I told my boyfriend about this guy, he told me about Jody's. Jody is a term used by the military and is the name for a man who steals your wife or girlfriend while you're overseas. Learning this, I realized how applicable the term is to everyday life as well.

All the time, women are hit on when they go out without their boyfriends. These guys hope she'll up and leave the relationship for the stranger in the bar.

Ironically, the man who hit on me in the bar had just returned from Afghanistan. Surely he's familiar with Jody's and understands they're not a liked group of guys, yet there he was, trying to steal a woman while away from her man.

Women in relationships will always meet men like that.

There is always someone trying to pick her up and take her home.

There is always going to be someone trying to get her to pick him.

There is always going to be a Jody.

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