Men Are From Mars: The Scientific Reasons For All Gender Biases
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Men Are From Mars: The Scientific Reasons For All Gender Biases

While I strongly believe men and women are equal, we are nowhere near the same.

Men Are From Mars: The Scientific Reasons For All Gender Biases

As society becomes more progressive, unconscious gender bias is a prominent issue. Men's and women's brains have become accustomed to ideas of specific gender roles at home, in the workplace, in relationships, and in everyday life. It's about time men and women are treated as equals.

Many people struggle with the harshness of the word "feminism," but in terms of the definition, if you believe in equal rights for both sexes, you are a feminist. In today's day and age, it's safe to say it takes a specific type of person to claim that they are not a feminist. But gender bias is a constant struggle that even the most liberal people have difficulty shaking, and it isn't because they favor one sex over another. Gender bias will always exist because of science.

That's right. Science.

There is plenty of scientific evidence that men's and women's brains are wired differently. Men are cognitive. They think literally and factually and their brains favor subjects such as math and science, where there is one answer and one reason for everything. This is probably why you could never score higher on the ACT than your high school boyfriend, but when it came to the writing portion of the SAT, you kicked his math-loving butt. That's not to say that all men are better at math and science, but the majority of their brains favor a different side of learning.

Women's brains are emotionally charged. We can accurately voice our feelings and ideas better than men can. We are thinkers and problem solvers who consider all possibilities. A woman's emotional intuition is her greatest strength and also her greatest downfall. Our emotional capacity is simply greater, allowing us to be more empathetic, but also allowing us to overthink things more than men do.

While I strongly believe men and women are equal, we are nowhere near the same.

So with this information presented, I have come up with the one, simple, logical reason for why we will always have gender bias in society and relationships:

Men are stupid, women are evil.

We both have equal downfalls. Men think with their brains and sexual reproductive parts, women think with their feelings. Men think literally and not enough, women think analytically and too much. With the wiring in our brains going opposite directions, it is impressive that relationships between men and women work at all. But they do, and they always have.

If you think back to the creation story, Adam was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Eve was the one who did the tempting. Eve told Adam to eat the fruit, therefore, they created sin together. While it is easy to blame Eve and say women are the root of all evil, Adam wouldn't have been in the garden if it wasn't for Eve. You can argue that men were here first, but it's women who keep them relevant.

While it is important to embrace our mental differences, it is also important to take note of them. Men and women are equal as human beings, but we are much more different from one another than society gives us credit for.

Gender bias exists because, hello, there are two genders.

Eve may have told Adam to eat the fruit, but without her, we all know Adam would've gone hungry.

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