Memories Of Love: A Screenplay
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Memories Of Love: A Screenplay

Or can electric hearts feel?

Memories Of Love: A Screenplay
Charles Haskins



A candle sits on a coffee table as slow jazz music plays in the background. ERIC, male 20’s dressed smartly paces back and forth. The doorbell rings. Eric adjusts his tie and answers the door. ANGLE 301, 20’s punked out call girl stands at entrance.

ERIC: Hello

ANGEL 301: Hi, I am synthetic dream-girl model 301. You can call me Angel.

Eric is awe-strucked. He silently stares at Angel

ERIC: Angel...lovely name.

ANGEL 301: Are you going to invite me in sweetie?

Eric snaps out of his trance.

ERIC: Yes, please come in.

Angel enters and takes off her jacket. Eric closes the door.

ERIC (CONT’D): Can I offer you something to drink? Apple juice? I know synthetics can't metabolize alcohol.

Angle smiles and follows him to the bar.

ANGEL 301: Yes, apple juice is fine. Concentrate?

ERIC: Concentrate

Eric pours and serves. Angel takes a sip. She caresses his hairline and leans forward.

ANGEL 301: So what do you have in mind? Your account has already been docked for full service so I’m all yours.

Flustered Eric steps back abruptly.

ERIC: Actually I would just like to talk.

ANGEL 30: Talk?

ERIC: Yes, just a conversation, between you and me

Angle smiles and walks over to the couch.

ANGEL 301: I have had some interesting demands of my time but never asked to talk. Ok (sitting down) what do you want to talk about? sports? the weather? I have several interesting articles on quantum physics we could discuss.

Eric sits across from her. Angel sips her juice.

ANGEL 301: hmmm you don't take me as the quantum physics type.

ERIC: I want to talk about you

ANGEL 301: Me? Really? Okay then. Talk away

Nervously Eric begins.

ERIC: Do you feel?

Angel, confused answers.

ANGEL 301: Yes I feel. I feel heat and cold. Wetness and dryness. Pain.

ERIC : Pain? If I slapped you it would hurt then.

ANGEL 301: Yes it would. Is this some sort of kink play (Smiling)

ERIC: no (standing up) I just want to understand. You can feel physical pain. What about emotional pain?

Angel takes a long time to answer.

ANGEL 301: No

ERIC: I thought so..well I mean thats what they all say, the scientists. You synthetics are immune to emotion. Its all simulated for better interaction for us.

Eric walks to the fireplace. Angel leans back and relaxes on the coach.

ANGEL 301: What’s wrong sunshine?

ERIC: Please don’t call me that. My wife called that...She passed away two years ago today.

ANGEL 301: I am sorry. That is unfortunate.

ERIC: It an irony for her to die on her birthday. Today.

ANGEL 301: That is sad.

ERIC: What is your inception date? The day they made you.

Angle stares and looks somewhat uncomfortable.

ANGEL 301: November 1st.

Eric walks over to the counter. Pours another drink and hands it to Angel.

ERIC: That’s today isn't it. Funny coincidence.

ANGEL 301: Yes it is.

Eric points to a picture on the mantel of him and his wife.

ERIC: That’s her. My wife Rayna. How she looks so much like you.

ANGEL 301: Another coincidence

ERIC: No, not a coincidence at all. The company..the company refurbishes the dna of real people to make their synthetics. So that means in fact you're Rayna.

ANGEL 301: Thats not possible.

Eric walks up to her and pulls her to her feet.

ERIC: Do you feel my heartbeat? (whispers) it’s fast because you smell like her, talk like her.

Angel breaks away. Eric walks and stands behind her.

ANGEL 301: (FACING ERIC) I know what you're trying to do. But I am not your wife. I may have her face, her body, her mannerisms. But I am not her.

ERIC: How can you not be?

ANGEL 301: Because sunshine I have no soul.

Eric deeply troubled takes a drink. Angel grabs her jacket and purse.

ANGEL 301: (CONT’D) I will refund you your money. Thank you for the drink. I am sorry what happened but a synthetic cannot replace what you loved and loosed.

Angel turns to leave. Eric spills his drink as she leaves.

ERIC: We had a child. She gave birth before she died. Lillie is her name, my wife’s favorite flower.

ANGEL 301: Lovely name.

Angel leaves and closes the door behind her. Eric slumps to the floor with his back to the door. Angel does the same crying.


ANGEL 301 (CONT’D) I will always love you Eric.

The record keeps playing.


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