Most people celebrate Memorial Day by going to a BBQ or a family party. They’ll eat hot dogs and cheeseburgers, play some cornhole, and usually get drunk. But this is not what Memorial Day is all about. It’s about remembering the soldiers who died while trying to protect our great country.

I will admit, I do go to a family party Memorial Day weekend. I eat some BBQ and play games. I dress up in my best patriotic clothes and enjoy a fun day with family and friends. Even though I do this, I also take the time out of the day to remember the true meaning of the holiday. I put flags outside my house, not to be patriotic, but because those flags are one way to remember those soldiers. I take the time to actually think about how brave it is for those soldiers to have sacrificed their lives to keep us safe back at home.

One other thing I do is try to do whatever I can for veterans or soldiers. During the week of Memorial Day, a lot of local businesses, and other businesses do some type of fundraiser for them. In my town veterans selling poppies, not the actual flower but one a veteran made, is very popular. They do this for Veterans Day as well. The proceeds go towards helping disabled and hospitalized veterans in the community.

There are also a lot of different organizations whose goal is to help widows of soldiers. One organization is “The American Widow Project.” It has been featured on many different news sources. They make it possible for the widows to get through it, whether it is through emotional support or educational support.

I think almost all of us have seen pictures of families remembering their soldier, or the ones where they are standing with their coffin covered with an American flag. This Memorial Day, don’t just glance at it and say “aw that’s sad.” Look at it and respect the family and the soldier. Say a prayer to God and say thank you for thoe soldiers that protected you.