There is an illness that creeps its way into every senior as their time in college (or high school) comes closer to the end. This illness is senioritis. It can be very dangerous for students grades and is very contagious. Below is a list of memes that everyone with senioritis can relate to.

1. When seniors are getting close to the end of the semester.

2. At the beginning of the semester you're the guy who does most of the work and by the end you have no idea what is going on.

3. And procrastination becomes a REAL problem for you

4. This is you during every class

5. This becomes your new montra

6. So does this

7. When your motivation to do school work just wildly decreases

8. But at the same time you know you can't fail anything so you can graduate on time

9. When you only have one more absence that you can have before you automatically fail the class

10. But at the same time you are just ready to graduate

11. This is a regular occurrence for you

12. But when you when you actually finish an assignment earlier you deserve a round of applause, or a pat on the back.

13. Finally, once you have graduated you feel like you can do anything!