Experience an awkward situation in public? Check Facebook. Bored in class? Check Facebook. Can't sleep? Check Facebook. This generation of millennials, and even our parents--if we're being honest, is obsessed with Facebook. I mean, how can't we be??

Facebook has presented the world with a way to stay in contact with friends living millions of miles away, keep track of where our significant others and kids have ended up, and even stalk our ex’s and our replacements. While on Facebook, it has become second nature to see post after post of meme’s that completely sum up our lives. Why not make a collection of those memes that describe our lives to a T and share it on Facebook?

1. Food.

It's been a long day, and you've had to deal with way too many people. Instead of crying in bed alone, why not drown your sorrows in food? If you're anything like me, I kind of just want to eat fries 24/7, whether I'm happy or sad.

2. I Slay, while you Decay.

What I think about while going through old FB albums.

3. Darn Read Receipt.

I'm usually sly enough to look, but not open. But sometimes I can't watch cat video and ignore those tinder boys sliding into my DM's.

4. Snap Chat.

If I took the time to do my makeup, ya'll outa know I'll be sending out bomb selfies with the filters.

5. Haters gonna Hate.

I don't care what you think, I'm happy and I don't care!

6. Perpetually Single.

It's cool. While you're popping out babies, I'll be up in da club.

7. GG is still lyfe.

Dorota is real life best friends goals.

8. Reward System.

Why do all the good meme's show candy and food?

9. Don't look at me!

While others can wake up and go to class, I have to struggle with the rats nest created by my pillows to my hair and what to do with the bags under my eyes, because it was my roommate's bright idea to binge watch Disney movies all night.

10. I have no skills.

But seriously. This picture accurately depicts my life.

11. Shaving is such a chore.

I mean don't get me wrong, I love the silky smooth skin that results in the hour of torture.

12. Why am I in college anyway?

I have all the qualifications necessary.

13. My friends slay.

We aren't mean, just opinionated.

14. I need more clothes.

Because my closet isn't full to the brim or anything...

15. I work better alone.

Like who does Ivanka think she is? Not the next first lady, that's for sure.

16. Dolla dolla bill y'all.

I've started treating my debit card like a gift card. Enough said!

17. I'm a child in an adult's body.

I'm hoping I figure life out soon. Peace!