The 5 Most Legendary Memes

As I sat pondering what to write about this week, I thought about what is trending on the internet right now, and immediately I thought about memes. They are everywhere!

So without any further ado, here are the most 10 legendary my opinion.

This meme is legendary folks. So many memes have been produced out of this picture and it never ceases to give me a laugh. The real reason behind this picture? Who knows but it has made a funny meme.

This baby meme is epic. First of all this picture is straight up hilarious but also this baby is so motivational.

This guy. No explanation needed.

The hilarious thing about memes is the simple fact that there is so much truth with the character of the picture. If my parents are reading this sorry I still love you guys.

Kevin Hart! Classic. Another great thing about memes is that it gives the reader a chance to hear their voice in their head they read whatever the meme says. Everyone can imagine Kevin hart saying this which makes it even more legendary.

Hope you all find this as enjoyable as I did!

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