Meghan Trainor Brings More Than Thank You To The Iowa State Fair

Meghan Trainor brought out all her talent with her performance at the Iowa State Fair on August 12. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go to the concert and it was an anticipated show. Meghan was supposed to perform last year at the fair, but due to health drawbacks, the concert had been canceled, which left tons of fans bummed. Meghan is one sincere artist and made sure to have the Iowa State Fair a stop on the "Untouchable Tour." These are my highlights from the night.

Hailee Steinfeld’s Cover

First off, Hailee Steinfeld is an artist that I have followed since her role in "Pitch Perfect 2," and couldn’t wait to hear more of her music. "HAIZ" was a hidden pop gem that deserves more. Let’s just say that I was beyond hyped to see her. Hailee performed all her songs off her EP, "HAIZ", as well as her new track “Starving” and “Flashlight” from "Pitch Perfect 2." The one song that took me by surprise was her cover of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself." Hailee absolutely nailed the vocals on the track and had everyone in the stands singing along. I need Hailee to release a studio cover of that song because it honestly fits her so well.

“Me Too” Dance Break

Meghan Trainor is having a successful summer with her single “Me Too” and her performance of the song was a hit. The song started and the crowd immediately joined in. I had been waiting to see this song performed live all summer, because not only was the performance going to be amazing, but it has a dance break. I love it when Meghan isn’t afraid to throw a dance break in her performances because the girl has moves. The dance break had me shaking my "bass."

Meghan’s Impressive Set list

Meghan truly gave us a Thank You with her set list. Meghan performed all of her songs off of her new album, which I thought was a bold, yet impressive, choice. Meghan also performed some of her biggest hits too that included “Dear Future Husband,” “All About That Bass,” “Like I’m Gonna Lose You,” and “Lips Are Movin.” I was highly impressed with the set list and each song was performed with a great amount of energy from Meghan.

The overall fun, genuine vibe.

The overall vibe of the concert was genuine fun. We could all tell that Meghan gave each song her very best, which brought us all to enjoy the show even more. Meghan had a large screen behind her that brought a sense of excitement and definition to each song which was cool to see. I also was loving her band that was all wearing blue tuxedos. You can leave it to Meghan to always keep it classy, which is appreciated by me as well as her fan base.

Meghan’s Sincerity.

Meghan made sure to make it known how much her fans mean to her. Meghan mentioned numerous times how thankful she was not only for her fans but also her parents. I mean, she also had performed two songs that were about her parents which are featured on her new album. I always knew how genuine and sincere Meghan is because it just radiates from her, but seeing her live only reassured it. Meghan also had a time during her performance of "Thank You" where she brought fans out on stage to dance with her which was heartwarming to see.

Meghan had delivered a phenomenal show in front of over 10,000 people which led to an amazing and memorable night.

Thank You Meghan!

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