YouTuber Megan Nicole's New Series, Adult(ed), Teaches Life Lessons

Multitalented Megan Nicole first turned heads when she posted a "Use Somebody" cover to YouTube, and since then she's hit 4 million YouTube subscribers and hosted her own headlining tour. This year, however, Megan is trying something different outside of music. When she got married and purchased her first house, she realized there were a lot of things she didn't know about how to be an adult.

This realization inspired her to create a YouTube series, Adult(ed), which teaches viewers about the life lessons that we're expected to already know when we become grown-ups - like taxes, organizing, and taking care of plants. Each episode will have a guest expert in the subject to share and demonstrate their knowledge. The first episode, "Apartment," features a small studio apartment that goes through a cheap but chic makeover. Watch it here today!

Odyssey: In the past year, you've gone through some major life changes. Can you pinpoint an exact moment when you realized you were officially "adulting" and needed help doing so?

Megan Nicole: Right after the high of getting engaged, we started to look for a home. There was so much to the process of buying a home that I felt overwhelmed about at times. Thankfully, I have so many people that were able to give us wisdom and guide us throughout the process. That was a moment I realized I was way in the deep in end of adulting and would need some help.

O: How did you meet Julie Tecson, the expert in "Apartment?" Before Julie redesigned Marissa Meizz's apartment, were you able to envision what it might look like?

MN: We had some mutual friends, then actually became friends on Instagram because of our similar interests and tastes when it came to fashion and interior design! I can somewhat reimagine a space, but not to the extent Julie can. Which is one of the reasons I was so excited to have her as our expert for the first episode. After a couple of discussions about what we could potentially do, we had her take reigns to bring together the vision. It was so cool to watch her succeed all within the confines of a budget too!

O: What was it like to help out with the DIY projects and redecorating? Were there any funny moments behind the scenes?

MN: First of all, I will say it was way less scary than I thought it would be. When Julie told me she wanted us to build a headboard, I didn't know what that challenge would look like. But it was so easy and made you feel accomplished because you just made a headboard! When we were filming Julie's intro in my car, we actually were driving to Marissa's house. We drove past her place to to get one more go at the introduction and I may have gotten us a little lost. We also ended up on this road that felt like it was speed up after speed up, and I just kept driving until I found a decent road. We couldn't stop laughing at how challenging it was just to get a simple intro.

O: What is one thing Julie taught you that you wish you knew when you first bought your house?

MN: I would say her creative use of the wire racks and greenery to make an aesthetically pleasing room divider. When I was in a studio apartment, having some sort of divider like that to break up the room, would've been awesome.

O: What can viewers expect from the rest of the series? Do you have an episode that you are the most excited about?

MN: We are going to try and cover as many subjects as we can, and hope we can leave everyone with something to take away each time. We have a total of 10 episodes for our first little season, but there are so many other things I want to dig into! Like insurance and actually knowing some basics on car maintenance. I would say I'm most excited about the "training your first puppy" video purely because of the cuteness, which there is a lot of.

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