5 Types Of People You'll Meet On Tinder
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From 'The Barbie Catfish' To 'The Maybe One' These Are The 5 Types of people you Will meet on Tinder

Either Prince Charming or Ted Bundy is out there... no in between.

From 'The Barbie Catfish' To 'The Maybe One' These Are The 5 Types of people you Will meet on Tinder

I have always told myself I would never EVER download Tinder. I've always seen it as some pointless narcissistic app that is a waste of time... Until, my friends peer pressured me. Not gonna lie, I found it a little bit addicting to a point where I've found myself swiping and driving (don't worry, I'm over that phase). I found it surprising that I've discovered as a sophomore in college, that having this app is actually the norm. It appears almost everyone has it who is single ages 20-30, from what I've noticed, and I have rarely heard of anyone who does not enjoy it to some extent.

Whether you're looking for some fun to mess around with your friends to see if you can find people you know, actually looking for your special soul mate, or for whatever ungodly reason you're using this app that shall not be mentioned, this app has seemed to be the idea of how our society, well.. "connects." So, here are the 5 typical kinds of guys or girls that you're probably going to "meet."

1. The Barbie catfish


One thing to be aware of in regards to Tinder, or almost anybody's profile on the Internet, is that you never know if somebody is who they say they are. Some red flags include someone that is named some stereotypical hot person name such as "Josh," "Brock," "Amanda," or some other basic name, having no bio, or having only one photo that looks like it hopped straight out of a Crest Whitestrips commercial.

Right when you think you swiped across perfection, you need to keep in mind that they are most likely a fake profile. For all you know, they could be someone named Albert who is 57 years old, a sex offender, living in their mother's basement, and hasn't seen the light of day since 2006. Okay, that's a little extreme, but you never know! BE CAREFUL.

2. The ghost


You finally meet someone who seems actually decent. Great conversation/interaction until... they VANISH. Like where did you go? Hello... did you fall off the face of the earth? Probably. Unfortunately, nobody ever knows what happens to these people, and you sometimes never hear from them again. Stay positive! Don't dwell on it or give up, keep swipin' on! Or maybe resort to a different form of meeting a potential love interest.

3. The dead-end


These go in the same boat as the ghosters. "It's a Match!" The wonderful notification you receive after swiping right on a really attractive girl or guy you've seen around before, or just have discovered. It seems they go to a great school, have a great living, or seem really cool. You're so excited, send a screenshot to your friends, and await a DM. You wait for hours, days... nothing. Welp. Your Tinder hopes and dreams have crumbled into pieces. Have you lost your soulmate? Guess you'll never know. The question remains unanswered, If you BOTH swiped right, why is nobody makin' moves? Hm...

4. The Ted Bundy


Whether you're in a swipe left frenzy and accidentally swiping on someone creepy, or after swiping right on someone who seems normal but actually isn't, you discover you have a stalker. This person will not leave you alone. You want to block them and erase their memory from seeing your profile because now they know how far away you are from them, name, age, and maybe even school. That's another thing, don't leave too much information about yourself on Tinder.

You don't know who's out there. They obsessively try to contact you and profess their love for you, but you don't want to unmatch them to upset them. You pretend to fall off the face of the earth in hopes this person doesn't find you and your family. At this rate, you're ready to take a screenshot of their profile and send it to your best friend so in case something does happen to you, they know who did it. Love the internet! Thanks, Tinder!

5. The one that could be the one


After scoping out the premises and doing some background checks, you think that some cute guy or girl from not too many miles away could have some potential. After the DM phase, you begin to text and Snapchat and realize that they're actually pretty cool. You go on cool dates, stay up all night talking, and get butterflies. WOW. Is Tinder actually doing its job for once? I'm telling you, it's worth giving Tinder a shot, it's okay to be curious! You won't know until you try. Anything can happen! Oh, and if y'all end up working out and become something, if people ask, you met... Well, you better come up with a great story.

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