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I am Caroline and I have been writing for the Odyssey for almost a year now, but haven't gotten the opportunity to introduce myself!

I am a Sophomore at Syracuse, originally from Boston, MA (Go Pats)! I am a Policy Studies major in Maxwell school of Citizenship and I LOVE my major. It revolves around community service and I am hoping to maintain a focus in education throughout my studies. (Peep one of my past articles and you'll understand how much it means to me ( Also I am in love with Syracuse.

I went to high school in Manchester, MA (I don't know if you've ever seen the movie Manchester by the Sea, but that's where I am from and I promise its not nearly as depressing as they make it seem. In high school I played lacrosse and volleyball, literally my two favorite sports ever I miss and love them so much... I worked at a very crusty ice cream shop and a pizza restaurant that wasn't very organized, but hey no job is perfect.

Last year I lived in Brewster Hall (yes the one that was basically in the ghetto, but it was also my favorite place in the entire world. It's where I met my best friends and began school at the place I now call home. I now live in Ernie Davis Hall, which is incredibly nice, but the social dynamic is not nearly the same, (mainly because my guy friends CHOSE to live off campus).

Second semester last year I went through recruitment and it was an amazing decision. I joined Tri Delta on campus and had the opportunity to meet so many new amazing people. I definitely chose the right house for me and I would encourage anyone on the fence of rushing to try it out and see how it goes!

Overall I'm living a pretty chill lifestyle right now, I try to go to the gym everyday, but sometimes I am unsuccessful, and I try to do well in school but struggle with focusing. I love my roommate, my friends, and my house, and I'm glad I finally got to introduce myself!


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