Meet Hillywood: An Interview with the Parody Masters
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Meet Hillywood: An Interview with the Parody Masters

Meet Hillywood: An Interview with the Parody Masters
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Let me introduce you to an incredible pair of women who have been taking the Internet by storm since 2006.

Creators of the famous YouTube channel, The Hillywood Show, Hannah and Hilly Hindi are a force to be reckoned with. This sister duo has become the face of parodies on YouTube, and created a brand all their own. From a parody depicting the adventures of the Hogwarts’s favorite wizard, Harry Potter, to the newest one, Doctor Who, which follows the classic tale of the infamous Time Lord, these girls know how to beautifully craft a video. Each parody is incredibly detailed, right down to the mannerisms of a character, and pays respect to the original piece, while simultaneously throwing in little bits here and there that are simply, Hillywood. While the spoofs have become more elaborate over the years, their spirit has always remained the same. Between parodies, behind-the-scenes extras, and fun, quirky videos that demonstrate the inner beauty of the sisters, The Hillywood Show offers a little bit of everything. As a long time fan of the channel, I highly recommend checking them out!

  • In your own words, tell me a little bit about Hannah and Hilly.     

HW: We are two sisters who have created the YouTube channel, The Hillywood Show. We create everything with just one camera and have been doing this for the past seven years. We do everything from scripting, casting, makeup, location scouting, costuming, set designing, cinematography, editing, graphics, etc.  

  • What inspired you guys to start your YouTube channel?    

HW: We entered the idea of The Hillywood Show into a contest through AOL back in 2006.  We came in third place out of 100,000 entries and fans began emailing us telling us to continue with this idea on YouTube. And here we are seven years later creating more parodies!           

  • Who are your role model(s)?   

HW: Jesus, Johnny Depp, and Laurel and Hardy.       

  • Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?  

HW: That's a tough one. Honestly, it's probably not a piece of advice, but a Bible verse that has always encouraged us to keep going. "Be confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will complete it."    

                                                          - Philippians 1:6   

  • Best fan reaction?   

HW: The best is when we hear that they have been watching for the entire seven years! That's dedication!   

  • Best way to beat a creative block?    

HW: Stop thinking about it and come back to it the next day.     

  • How do you maintain your motivation and/or positivity?    

HW: Our fans are what motivate us. If we didn't have them sending messages of encouragement, we would have stopped the show a long time ago.     

  • What ‘words of wisdom’ can you give to young women who are trying to pursue something they’re passionate about?    

HW: Remember to be yourself in everything that you do. Don't let anyone change you! Follow your dreams and reach for the stars! God has a plan for you.  

  • If you had an unlimited budget, what’s one parody you love to do?    

HW: The Lord of the Rings! We are huge fans of those movies!

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