Did I Meet All Eleven Of My 2017 New Years' Resolutions?!?
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Did I Meet All Eleven Of My 2017 New Years' Resolutions?!?

Thoughts on myself...

Did I Meet All Eleven Of My 2017 New Years' Resolutions?!?
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So Facebook Memories notified me that I made some New Years' Resolutions in 2017. I thought I should check out my old resolutions and see if I made any progress on any of my ambitious 2017 goals-all 11 of them!!

1. For "Intersectional Feminism be a more significant part of my daily actions."

Reality: Am I more understanding of other folks' background and levels of privilege/abilities? Well, I'd like to think so... Am I the strident intersectional feminist I wanted to be? Uhh, not exactly.

Something to work on in 2018!

2. "Leave 5 minutes earlier for everything."

Reality: Definitely improved on this one. My aspiration was to have time to say hi to friends and enjoy nature without having to rush...

3. "Take the time to really care about people on a human level."

Reality: I do try to ask people "How are you?" in a genuine way more often, but I think this goal was too ambitious and vague to be easily accomplished.

"4. Communicate better."

Reality: Again, too vague on this one. My caption said something about people not being able to read my mind; so I guess my mother's policy of 'open and honest communication whenever possible' is a better goal for 2018 to strive for realistically.

"5. Related: Keep in touch with people better."

Reality:I've worked on this one for the people closest to me; for everyone else I find it supremely difficult. This unfortunately might be a flaw of mine relating to my horrid struggle with names. It's really hard to keep in touch when I can't even remember your name. My earnest apologies on this one!

"6. Write non-academically during the academic year."

Reality:If poetry counts, I've definitely done this one. Thanks @ConsciousPoetsSociety for this one!!

"7. Use a calendar effectively."

Reality: As my life has gotten more complicated as a sophomore, my calendar has become my best friend! Nailed this resolution!

"8. Be child-like sometimes."

Reality: As much of a garbage-can-year as 2017 was, I made sure that I spent a little time laughing with my favorite humans, watching silly YouTube videos and doing some puppeteering. It's important to reconnect with your inner kid sometimes!

"9. Speaking of hair… finding a fashion style."

Reality: Alas, 2017 was not the year Lydia found her sense of style. Better luck next year.

"10. Laying out my clothes the night before."

Reality: Lol, nope. Despite my dear mother's prodding, I think this one just isn't going to happen. I can't do 110% of the adulting, you know, I'm only 19.

"11. Read more diverse literature."

Reality: I read selections of Margery Kempe and Julian of Norwich, two awesome mystical women in the medieval era in my literature classes. Besides that, I've read a lot of thought-provoking feminist Twitter threads from tweeters from all over the world who lead very different lives than me. I'm not sure if Twitter threads can count as literary thought, but I certainly learned a lot!

2017 was a year of growing and adapting to changes for me and perhaps I progressed or met a few of my resolutions. 11 of them was certainly a bit ambitious and I'm a human being with flaws after all.

Stay tuned for my 2018 aspirations!

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