Mean Girls The Musical Quotes You Need
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'Mean Girls' Quotes You Didn't Know You Needed In Your Life

These ones didn't make it into the movie, but man did they make the musical.

'Mean Girls' Quotes You Didn't Know You Needed In Your Life
'Mean Girls' On Broadway

Ever since it's release in May, the Mean Girls soundtrack has been my go-to for music I can sing along to and still rock out to. It's fun and the music adds something to the story we all know and love. I particularly love all the quotes that weren't in the movie but really stand out in the musical.

1, A Cautionary Tale

Janis and Damian

"This is a cautionary tale about corruption and betrayal and getting hit by a bus." - Janis and Damian

"You can't buy integrity at the mall, it's not for sale." - Janis

2. It Roars

"It Roars"

"Did you ever get a feeling everybody else is happy, everybody else has friends and their better friends than yours?" - Cady

"Unsubscribe." - Random Student

"At our core, we can't ignore the roar!" - Cady

3. Where Do You Belong?

"Where Do You Belong?"

"Singing, hahaha." - Damian

"Here's the sexually active band geeks... if you like blowing and fingering, this is the group for you!" - Damian and Band Geeks

"Back me up, show choir!" - Damian

"There's girls that eat their feelings and girls that don't eat. I like eating birthday cake around them, makes them crazy." - Damian

"They wear their awkwardness with stubborn pride." - Damian

"We're not exactly joiners, but we'll be good friends to you." - Janis and Damian

"You need protection with pizazz and helping hands that also jazz." - Damian

4. Meet the Plastics

"Meet The Plastics"

"My name is Regina George and I am a massive deal."

"*boob grab by male student* And these, these are real." - Regina

"I am, like, drunk with power." - Regina

"I'm the prettiest poison you've seen." - Regina

"If Regina is the sun, then I'm a disco ball 'cause I'm just as bright as fun if you've had alcohol." - Gretchen

"I am seated at her right hand like a Jewish Princess Jesus." - Gretchen

"My name is Karen, I may not be smart. *suspenseful pause* That's it."

5. Stupid With Love

"Stupid With Love"

These are all Cady quotes.

"He ran from me, literally ran from me."

"Smart with math, but stupid with love."

"He's like that guy that gives out roses to those women!"

"With swoopy hair and shiny eyes that I could swim in!"

"I am filled with calculust!"

"I learned math so I can learn love."

6. Apex Predator

"Apex Predator"

"Every food chain has its acme, Regina George eats steak." - Janis

"Like a lioness, only with less fur. Do not mess with her." - Janis

"I was victim, I was quarry, now I shake my mane." - Cady

"Will she braid your hair? Will she eat your heart?" - Cady and Janis

7. Sexy

Labeled costume dancers

These are all Karen quotes.

"Hallowen [is] like the internet, only in person and with candy."

"I can be who I wanna be and sexy, I can be who I wanna be and hot."

"I give you sexy corn!"

"This is modern feminism talking: I expect to run the world in shoes I cannot walk in."

8. Revenge Party

"Revenge Party"

"You know what friends do? They got your back and they are fun to be around." - Janis

"Imagine a party with dresses and cake and singing and dancing and cake." - Janis

"And ugly crying!" - Janis

"I can't even watch when she touches his hair, and I watched a snake eat a cow." - Cady


9. Fearless


"I'll wear what I want... which is what I have on... and a vest." - Karen

"Got no time from her drama." - Cady

"From now on I'ma be fearless." - Cady

"Imagine just dancing like no one was there, everyone staring but you do not care." - Girls

10. Stop


"Ironically, I need to scare you straight." - Damian

"So before you snap, tag, like, or god forbid call, here is my advice: stop." - Damian

"Do better and stop." - Damian

"My god, girl, he's just a guy." - Damian

"And when they kissed-which by the way, gross-I wanted to murder her." - Damian

"'Cause when you feel attacked, that's a feeling, not a fact." - Damian

"Stop! 'Cause I'm actually a human being and not a prop. ...Maybe we should teach men not to do that!" - Karen

"Stop being glued to your phone." - Damian

11. More Is Better

Kyle Selig (Aaron Samuels) and Erika Henningson (Cady Heron)

"More is always better 'cause when you have less, you have more to lose." - Cady

"Sometimes alone is good 'cause time to think is in short supply." - Aaron

12. World Burn

"World Burn"

These are all Regina quotes.

"I wanna watch the world burn, I got the gasoline."

"You took me down, but you didn't finish me off."

"My name is Regina George and, in case you're keeping score, Cady may have one the battle, but I will win the war."

13. I'd Rather Be Me

"I'd Rather Be Me"

These are all Janis quotes.

"The world doesn't end, it just feels like it does."

"So raise your right... finger and solemnly swear, "Whatever they say about me, I don't care!""

"I'd rather be than be with you."

"So here's my right finger to how girls should behave, 'cause sometimes what's mean to break you, makes you brave."

"Let's just fight and then make up, not tell these lies."

"I don't need their good opinions, I have plenty of opinions. Everybody has opinions, but that doesn't make them true."

"Playing nice and shy is insulting my IQ."

14. Do This Thing

"Do This Thing"

"I can do this, always could, and not playing dumb will feel so damn good." - Cady

"High school's a four year social curse." - Kevin G

"Living for me, not living for none of you." - Cady, Ms. Norbury, Aaron, Kevin G, Mathletes

15. I See Stars

"I See Stars"

"Plastic don't shine, glitter don't shine, rhinestones don't shine the way you do." - Cady

"You are so real, you are so rare." - Cady

"You could make diamonds dull, you are so beautiful." - Cady

"I will look out for you, we'll light each other's way." - Cady

"'Cause if we knew how strong we were we'd what we are. Stars!"

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